I give up, even Apple won’t save my dear tech

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June 8, 2022, 11:36

I am in my thirties. I’m used to shattered illusions and dying hope. Expectations for VR glasses also die somewhere below the fence of my heart, unfortunately.

I love VR and I’m not ashamed of it, even if some of the editorial staff make fun of me because of it. I’ve experienced tons of glasses games. I’ve been through it all Arizona Sun and I would like to play a sequel. I spent quite a few hours Robot reminderBeat Saber and VR fruit ninja. Alyx Half-Life it’s still one of the best things I’ve experienced as a player. And that’s where it will end…

Right now, I’m very seriously considering buying an Oculus Quest (no tempting cables), but the more I think about it, the more this stagnant market scares me. Alex it was supposed to be, at least in my head, the harbinger of a new wave, and it became a swan song. Two years have passed and nothing like Valve’s work has appeared on the market.

When purchasing gaming gear, we expect the library of games available for it to expand over time. In the case of VR, I have a serious fear that this is not the case. And that fear, unfortunately, becomes more real with each passing month. Some seemed hopeful on Apple, but the giant once again did not show the glasses announced at the conference. It’s a shame, it’s probably the last company that could bring this technology to life.

I give up, even Apple won't save my beloved tech - Illustration #1

I would like to buy new hardware, but I’m afraid it will get dusty.

Facebook is investing heavily in VR, which seems to be building a strategy for the future around this technology. The question is, of course, does Facebook, I’m sorry, Meta, have a future? That remains to be seen, as so far their Metaverse is getting rather mixed feelings, and the social platform itself has lost its charm and started losing users. Personally, I have serious doubts that their vision of a social VR experience has a chance of becoming an option for the masses.

Sony still seems to believe in virtual reality and is creating new glasses for the new console. The former sold well, but not enough for it to make sense to create AAA VR games exclusively for this technology. Of course, there are games that can be played both ways. Resident Evil 7. However, this is not the experience I expect and which is likely to captivate the crowds. Playing virtual reality with motion controllers is a completely different way to interact with the digital world. Games designed for the normal screen usually don’t realize this potential. The PS VR 2 may be a very good piece of equipment, but I don’t think Sony would be able to do what it failed the first time on a second try.

Microsoft also tried it, it created a standard by which different manufacturers could build their own glasses. Several of them did. Does anyone remember which companies and which devices it was?

Valve gave it a try as well, and you have to admit their hardware and launch title was something. One game is definitely not enough. It’s as if Sony launched the first PlayStation, and at the same time released one Gran Turismothen I moved on. With this approach, we would still be playing on Sega hardware today.

Only Apple is not interested in VR as such. Tim Cook said a long time ago that he was interested in AR. If you don’t know, VR is entering the digital world, AR is superimposing an image on our world. The former is escapist entertainment for a few of us. The latter is the possibility of placing arrows in the field of vision, helping us to reach the nearest Sushi restaurant, rated at least 4.5 stars. In other words, the latter is the mass-market opportunity, and that’s what Cook and his team are interested in.

While Apple’s hardware, if it does go on sale, will feature VR gaming, it won’t be what we expect VR enthusiasts to do. I would expect simple entertainment, arcade mini-games and augmented reality social interaction, but 3-4 alyx per year is not something you can count on from Apple. Either way, we know full well that despite decades in the computer industry, Apple never ventured too deep into the realms of gaming, and when they tried, they didn’t quite succeed.

I fear that this technology is slowly disappearing. Meta will have time to smash his forehead on it, a few million people will buy glasses, maybe I will be among them? We’ll probably have a good time about a dozen hours or so and then for years big corporations will remember how many billions of dollars have gone into developing entertainment that for some reason hasn’t not taken.

Why didn’t she understand?

Why wasn’t VR “rough”? I would like to say I don’t know and it’s great fun for everyone, but I think so. People who can afford such toys usually have little time. Setting up equipment, moving furniture, launching the game, all of this takes us minutes, which may seem like fun, but as adults it can become a difficult block to overcome. And then you stay up for an hour and you block off space in the house, you don’t talk to anyone. You just wave your arms and gasp. You are having a good time, but things are happening around you.

The best female variant awaits her turn. At worst, he looks at you with reproach, because you could finally spend time together. Last Tuesday I managed to do it, because then there was work, shopping and repairing the toilet (it’s still ahead of me, but I won’t miss it).

I give up, even Apple won't save my beloved tech - Illustration #2

He doesn’t understand why you wave him but you don’t throw him.

The dog does not understand that you are not playing with him and the controllers are not sticks, so you have to be careful not only of the window, the television and your own shins, but also of the shaggy fool who would like very much grab the device he makes for your weapon between his teeth / sword / wand. Eventually, you step on his tail, throw the TV on the floor in fear, and argue with your wife. Of course, it’s the worst option, but not impossible. In the end, it will always be easier to play something on your cell phone in the toilet. The prints aren’t that great, but there are also fewer issues and this option wins out.

VR does not only require certain technical skills to prepare everything (especially in the variant with external sensors). It is also entertainment that cannot be easily advertised. You can read an excerpt from the book to listeners on television or radio. The new game can be shown even on a mobile phone and we will understand more or less what we will experience when we turn it on on a PC. Virtual reality must be experienced to understand that it is fun. Moreover, it must be lived well. A friend’s sweaty glasses plugged into a cramped apartment building doesn’t necessarily make us believe this is your new favorite hobby.

It’s a shame, I was hoping to spend my free time ear-deep in digital worlds. He hunted aliens, defended locks and did other crazy things. I didn’t become a firefighter, a writer, or rich too, maybe one day I will.

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