Łódź: Caritas will build an allotment of sheltered houses

Łódź Caritas, in cooperation with the city of Łódź, will build a housing estate of 10 sheltered houses for refugees from Ukraine and people in crisis of homelessness. The collection for this purpose was brought, among others, by Pope Francis, and two houses will be founded by Archbishop Grzegorz Ryś.

Archbishop of Łódź Grzegorz Ryś and Mayor of Łódź Hanna Zdanowska announced Wednesday at a press conference at the Łódź Curia the joint project, the implementation of which has already begun. As Bishop Ryś explained, the idea of ​​creating an area of ​​year-round houses for refugees arose during one of the meetings of the committee dealing with assistance in the event of war crises, in which also participate representatives of the magistrate – they said that they would quickly prepare a suitable ground.

“This is a house for people who, due to the 105-day war in Ukraine, had to leave, seeking safety for themselves and their families. They are mainly women with children. (…) It is the Polish specificity that we welcome our guests in We do not build refugee camps Whatever their beliefs and convictions, people have opened their houses, which is becoming more and more difficult every month “- underlined the Metropolitan of Lodz.

He also presented a letter from the Vatican, signed by the papal chaplain, Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, which shows that Pope Francis is committed to financing a house in the planned housing estate and transferring 30.5 thousand zlotys. dollars to the account of Lodz Caritas, as this will be the entity that will oversee the construction of the estate and its operation.

The Metropolitan of Lodz had previously promised that he would personally contribute to fundraising, which he confirmed on Wednesday.

“I have declared that I will finance the construction of two of these houses. I support it. It is not the money of the diocese, but it comes from the expenses of my books. I have nothing to spend, because I don’t have a wife, children, family; the Church of Lodz is my family, so that’s what I can promote this Church,” he replied. questions about his participation in fundraising.

According to the mayor of Łódź, Hanna Zdanowska, the initiative to create the estate is very valuable – not only because of the current goal of helping refugees, but also of the future, because in the long term the houses will be for people recovering. of the homelessness crisis – mainly women living with a single mother.

“Although there are sheltered apartments created as part of the revitalization of Lodz, there will always be a shortage of them, especially those that will be taken over and managed by third sector organizations, such as Caritas,” she added.

The municipality offered land at ul. Opalowa in the area of ​​Radogoszcz. It is well connected and ready to use. The municipality is already taking the steps related to the sale of the land; Caritas has submitted an application for the possibility of a discounted purchase – Łódź councilors will refer to it in the first session after the holidays.

More than 2,000 m² have been allocated to the subdivision of protected houses. m² This area will accommodate 10 modular buildings with an area of ​​35 m² According to the director of Łódź Caritas, Bro. Andrzej Partyka, each house can be inhabited by four people; its cost is 130 thousand. PLN net (about 160,000 PLN gross) and the price includes equipment. Investors hope that the occupation of the first buildings will be possible in the fourth quarter; much in this regard depends on the owner.

“In addition to money from Pope Francis, we have money from donations from the Archdiocese of Łódź – both from Archbishop Rysio and from the collection that is still ongoing. We currently have 235,000 PLN and $50,000 (including 30,000 from the Pope – PAP). We are also taking steps related to obtaining external funds for the construction of the estate” – Fr. Partyka added.

Caritas in Łódź acquired 811,000 from the Ministry of Family and Social Policy. PLN for professional and social activation of Ukrainians. These funds will be used from July until the end of 2023. Fr. The residents of the shelter houses will be those whose situation is most difficult and who would like to put down roots in Poland – so that after obtaining a job and independence, they can , for example, renting an apartment themselves. Caritas will provide them with the support of an interpreter, a psychologist, a guidance counselor and financial assistance.

“We don’t have to look for these people, because they are in constant contact with us. For the past few months, we have been distributing 700 parcels to Ukrainian families every day. We have accommodated 5,000 people in church buildings. There are there will be many more candidates to live in these houses than there are opportunities,” Bishop Lynx pointed out.

According to research commissioned by the city, 85-100,000 people live in Łódź based on algorithms for connecting phones at midnight. Ukrainians. “We cannot determine the real data, because we do not have the tools to verify them” – said Zdanowska.

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