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What type of pergola to choose?

The terrace can be our second home, a privileged place to meet and relax, whatever the weather. What to do to enjoy it all year round? The unprotected terrace considerably limits the possibilities of its use – the number of days per year and hours during the day, during which we have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, often does not meet our expectations. Cool mornings, rainy or hot days, cold nights can often thwart our plans.

On the other hand, building a terrace is a concern for many people, whose main objective is to spend time outdoors, close to nature. How to meet these expectations while avoiding adverse weather conditions? The perfect solution is terracei.e. a roof and a terrace fence, which you can easily open.

Solutions allowing you to use the terrace whatever the weather

When considering the layout and covering of the terrace, it is worth choosing solutions that allow their simple opening and closing depending on the conditions and our preferences. If necessary, the cover, roof and side walls close, but when you want to enjoy the sun and the wind without any cover, you can quickly open them with a remote control or an app on a smartphone.

Slatted terrace roof

The terrace roof can be made of aluminum, consisting of so-called slats that rotate in the range of 0°-135°, similar to awnings. We set the practical opening angle depending on how much sun we want to leave on the terrace. The closed slats create a waterproof surface that protects against rain and excessive sun.

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Waterproof fabric patio roof

The second type of roof is a canvas roof. The material curls to one side as needed, revealing the sky. The roof is made of a specialized three-layer fabric, resistant to heat, UV rays and rain. Patented drainage system used in Cubic Tarasoli gives us a guarantee of safety against precipitation while spending time outdoors.

Side panels that can be opened

The side walls can be covered with glass, shutters or shutters. What are the characteristics of each of these possibilities?

Glass construction it is not only stylish but also functional. It will protect us perfectly against rain or gusts of wind. The terraces only use 8, 10 or 12 mm thick tempered glass, which is a safe solution for users. At the same time, it is an extremely resistant surface to mechanical damage. The system allows the use of panels with a width of 50 to 120 cm, moving by means of trolleys on a four or five-way aluminum profile, thanks to which their movement is fluid. You have the choice between two types of panels. We can choose frameless models, which become invisible when closed, or with frames with gaskets, which provide excellent thermal insulation.

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ZIP type shade blinds limit excessive sunlight and heating of the terrace surface. A wide range of colors offers a wide range of layout options. The color can be matched to the roof structure, the style of the garden or the neighboring buildings. The transparent material from which the blinds are made has a double function. From the inside, it protects against bad weather, dust and unwanted insects. From the outside, it is a barrier against the gaze of neighbours, passers-by and other strangers, offering us an intimate and intimate space. Used additionally on the terrace Technical Professionalthe solution of the ZIP roller shutter box integrated into the frame of the structure allows a coherent and minimalist design.

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Sliding shutters in other words shutters is a functional and elegant piece of equipment terraceoli. They can work independently from each other, being not only a decorative, but also a useful part of the building. The panels are made of slats which, thanks to the possibility of adjusting the angle of inclination, allow the sunlight to be controlled. The division into two sections makes it possible to illuminate exactly the part of the terrace that is important to us. As with the glazing, the shutters are modular, which allows them to be grouped together and cover a larger area. The cascading system allows the shutters to be mounted so that they slide in one direction or symmetrically on both sides, hiding one behind the other and letting in more light. Thanks to this solution, the terrace space becomes more accessible, without losing its privacy.

Illuminate your terrace according to your needs

On the terrace, like at home, we can seek a calm and intimate atmosphere that allows relaxation in solitude or a space filled with the buzz and laughter of our loved ones. Depending on the mood you want to create, it is worth remembering about the possibility of setting the appropriate lighting. Bright, with which we do not strain our sight while working or reading, or dark, suitable for atmospheric nighttime meetings. The element must have roof-integrated lighting.

Terrace structures can be equipped with two types of lighting – spot lighting located in the roofin fabric and slat versions, and lighting in the form of white or RGB LED stripswhich is integrated in the bar or the wind slats. Both options are controlled by a remote control which, in addition to the standard on/off functions, allows you to adjust the light intensity and change its color. Fixtures are concealed and light fixtures are discreetly integrated into the structural beams of the roof, so they do not affect the aesthetics of the space.

Useful equipment: audio system, thermal radiators and weather sensors

Music is an inseparable part of free time. The terrace structures allow the assembly audio system, thanks to which your favorite songs will also accompany us while you relax on the terrace. The speakers and the Bluetooth control unit are almost invisible, subtly integrated into the construction profiles.

On cold days and evenings, they will be especially useful Infrared heaters. Infrared heating provides heat immediately after switching on, but it does not heat the air itself, but nearby people and objects.

Another practical solution that will help us organize daily life are weather sensors. No more bringing garden furniture home as soon as it starts to rain! Thanks to the sensors, we no longer have to adjust the schedule for the day depending on the weather conditions. We can even leave the roof open, and our facilities will ensure that it is closed at the right time.

Bespoke technology and design

Technology is increasingly taking us away from nature and becoming an integral part of our daily lives. On the terraces, technologies are at the service of our comfort and our relaxation, also in the open air, close to nature. Over the years, the ways in which decking is used have changed, and our expectations of their functionality have also changed. Tarasola will offer its users not only comfort and convenience, but also security, thanks to which we will feel at home.

The structure of the terrace is made of extruded aluminum profiles, resistant to changing climatic conditions. Aluminum does not rust, unlike wood, it does not require special maintenance and treatment.

A wide range of colors of the structure, the roof fabrics and the roller shutters will make the terrace not only functional, but also a beautiful place that you will treat as your second home.

Complete the space under the terrace – Tarasola Garden garden furniture

Currently, Tarasola is not just a terrace roof. In order to fully meet the expectations of our customers, we have decided to expand the range with Tarasola Garden garden furniture, in line with the style of our products. Timeless design, high quality, resistance to damage and weathering are the main features that distinguish the presented furniture collections. We know you value your time. That’s why all furniture and sets match the design and colors of our roofs, making the decision even easier.

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