Ranking of the most popular weather stations – June 2022

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In this overview you will find the following weather stations:

  • Winner WG WG 7911 – check out the offer
  • Reinston ESPOG03 – check out the offer
  • Reinston ESPOG02 – check out the offer
  • Technoline WS6760 – check the offer
  • Meteo SP69 – check the offer

Classification of weather stations

5. Weather SP69

Meteo SP69, which took fifth place in the rating, is equipment for the most demanding users, at least in terms of external appearance. Here we have a large, readable color display. This weather station is stylish and in addition to its practical value, it will certainly decorate any room. This template shows you all the necessary information about the weather conditions outside and inside. On the screen we can find data on air temperature, humidity, pressure, moon phases, and even know the weather forecast for the next 12 and 24 hours. The set includes one wireless sensor, but a maximum of three can be connected.

4. WS6760 technology line

Technoline WS6760 is a very interesting proposition for people who are looking for an inexpensive weather station with many functions. Lots of useful weather information can be read on the big screen. Technoline informs, among other things, about the current temperature, air humidity, time and moon phases. We will also check the date, atmospheric pressure and a graphical weather forecast with an indication of the trend. Interestingly, the weather station can also be used as an alarm clock. The set includes a wireless sensor that has a range of up to 50m in open space. Technoline is regularly included in monthly popularity charts, and this time it took fourth place.

3. Reinston ESPOG02

Third and second place belong to the two repierres. The ESPOG02 model, which costs only 130 PLN, took third place. Despite its small price, it offers a color screen in the central unit and an external sensor with a small monochrome screen. The easy-to-read display shows temperature, air humidity and atmospheric pressure. We can also check the date and time. Other sensors can be added if necessary.

2. Reinston ESPOG03

A smaller and much cheaper alternative to ESPOG02 can be Reinston ESPOG03. It is very popular in the Skapiec.pl price comparison engine. It is an inexpensive weather station that provides all the necessary information about indoor and outdoor conditions. The set includes a wireless outdoor sensor with a small display that collects temperature and humidity information. All the data collected is available on the clear, monochrome screen of the central unit. We won’t find too many additional features here. There is only a moon phase display and a presentation of weather conditions divided into day and night.

1. WG Winner WG 7911

You can also buy the Winner WG 7911 weather station at a very good price. The device looks great and offers accurate measurements. No wonder he took the top spot in the June popularity chart. The biggest advantage of this station are advanced outdoor sensors that provide accurate weather data. They measure temperature, humidity, wind speed, pressure and even the amount of precipitation. The data obtained by the sensors is displayed on a color screen which additionally displays the phases of the moon and the predicted weather changes.

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