Reproved. Crypto is conquering our planet again

Destroy All Humans 2! – Game

The highlight of Destroy All Humans 2! however, there is gameplay, because let’s face it, the plot is just a collection of funny scenes and situational gags tied to Cold War history and pop culture. In classic Pandemic studios, the most fun was the unrestricted freedom with which we could wreak havoc and destruction among hippies, KGB agents and other weirdos. Crypto 138 is back, more determined than ever, and we’re here to help break it down and toss it here and there. Just like in the original from 2006, our hero has a number of interesting weapons, but we are unlocking them gradually, so as not to get lost in their operation and various dedicated features. So we have a rifle firing an electric beam, a disintegrator that destroys everything in its path, or a classic anal probe – its “good” use is of course also rewarded.

We can also improve everything. After fulfilling certain conditions and collecting the appropriate materials, we can slightly improve our arsenal with additional goodies. What didn’t play the original, I won’t spoil the fun of experiencing this system for yourself, because developing both the weapon and the Crypto himself and his flying saucer is just pure fun . In the test version I was playing, I had access to the first two story chapters, so I had the opportunity to visit the San Francisco-based Bay City and the London-inspired Albion. Well, here I must admit that the two cities are really well reproduced compared to their prototypes of the classic Destroy All Humans 2!, with the small difference that they have slightly better colors and a lot of additional decorations. Of course, just like in 2006, the developers strongly encourage us to explore by placing many collectibles, easter eggs and hidden materials on the map.

Unfortunately, the remake of Pandemic Studios’ iconic work isn’t without a few flaws, which the developers will hopefully iron out before the first finale. These are mainly performance and minor bugs related to collision detection and sometimes a bit silly to the artificial intelligence of opponents. While the last two are insignificant for the overall game, optimization can be an issue for players with weaker computers. I have a laptop myself with an RTX 3060 and a Ryzen 5 5600H and SSD drive, and in some places when the screen started happening a bit more than usual, the title could hit the level of 15 frames per second. Usually I had a smooth and stable 60fps, but there are still times when the clipping is really strong.

In short. Destroy All Humans 2! – Reprobed is a really promising pin for anyone who appreciates good fun and light humor.

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