Szymon Hołownia: His fortune may surprise you. Two houses and a private chapel!

Szymon Holownia for many years he was known as the host of “Got Talent”, where, with Marcin Prokop they made a fun duo. Szymon also gained popularity through the establishment of charitable foundations, as well as as a journalist and writer. His texts have been published, among others, in “Tygodnik Powszechny” or “Newsweek”. You can boldly suspect that Szymon Hołownia is a journalist by profession. Is it true?

Not! Szymon graduated from the social secondary school of the Białystok Social Education Society, and after high school he studied at SWPS in Warsaw. He didn’t finish those studies at all. It should be noted that he spent five years studying, but failed to graduate.

Some may be interested in the information that he wanted to be educated twice. Despite the lack of higher education Szymon Holownia he finds himself easily in the world of journalism and show business. What is his fortune?

Szymon Holownia since 2015 he has a house near Warsaw, where he lives with his wife Urszula and daughters – Maria and Elżbieta. The villa has two floors and an area of ​​approximately 200 m². There was a rumor at one point that the presenter and politician also had a small chapel, although this was categorically denied.

Szymon Holownia She enjoys her time at home very much and gladly shares photos on her Instagram.

The property, located in a guarded estate in Otwock, cost the wedding quite expensive, up to 2 million PLN. The year they bought it, Szymon Hołownia sold two apartments in Warsaw: one with a parking space for PLN 1.7 million and the other for PLN 670,000. zloty.

The real estate in Otwock is mortgaged in the amount of PLN 3.1 million due to a loan from Bank Zachodni WBK.

In addition to this house, the couple also owns an apartment with an area of ​​64 m² in a building in Powiśle of Warsaw. They bought them in the spring of 2018.

Szymon Holownia She also owns land with an area of ​​0.6 hectares in the Sokólski poviat in Podlasie, where there is a house with an area of ​​120 m².

Despite numerous investments, the politician has repeatedly pointed out that there are much more important things.

“I don’t consider myself rich. More than making money, I’m interested in knowing if this period of life that I have to live is the period that somehow builds inner wealth,” he said. he said in an interview for TOK FM radio.

Szymon Hołownia’s party, Poland 2050, has a strong focus on green solutions. No wonder Hołownia decided to change cars in October 2020, as soon as the BMW 5 Series lease ended.

As the politician says, taking care of the environment was his priority. It cannot be denied that since Poland 2050 talks about activities for water crisis, environmental awareness and waste management problem, it would be quite embarrassing if its president were driving a car with polluting emissions.

The choice fell on BMW i3s, worth about 200,000. zloty.

“I decided it was time for an electric car, because even if it’s still not easy to use in Poland outside the city, I certainly don’t need a big smoking car for my trips. daily to work,” he said in an interview with Fakt. .PL.

There’s no denying that what a politician has is more than one person’s dream. What do you think of the Szymon Hołownia estate? Did he earn it by dint of work? Let me know in the comments!

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