The home building technology that is gaining more and more followers

They are called printed houses, because until a few decades ago it was unimaginable to build houses from ready-made modules. Today, it is not only possible, but increasingly popular. Concrete houses are built from precast concrete elements, specifically concrete slabs. Their prices are comparable to the construction of single-family homes from traditional materials. If you are looking for more information, see the information collected here articles on concrete.

Houses made of concrete elements have the following advantages:

short construction time – the said printed houses are erected in 3-4 weeks. However, their turnkey finish only takes a few months. Therefore, with a sufficient budget, the investment should take a maximum of 3-4 months.

possibility of finishing in the same way as in the case of a traditional construction – houses made of concrete elements, from the outside as well as from the inside, do not differ in any way from traditional single-family houses. The same building materials can be used for their finishing.

wide choice of models – a cast concrete house can have a traditional shape as well as a modern one. A wide range of projects will allow you to find a convenient form of single-family building.

construction works are not dependent on weather conditions – unlike traditional housing construction, construction takes place independent of the weather.

no unexpected construction costs – when accepting the project, we know the exact costs of building a house in an unfinished state. Variable costs can only apply to the finishing of the building, that is to say at a time when we have the possibility of making different decisions.

the possibility of ordering prefabricated elements before the building permit is issued – a prefabricated concrete house can be put in place before we receive the official building permit. In this way, we again contribute to a much faster implementation of the investment.

building energy efficiency – concrete houses are considered extremely energy efficient. Built in the right technology, they can even become passive buildings. Here, an example can be expanded clay, that is, lightweight modules containing air bubbles. The so-called printed houses are distinguished by excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

A prefabricated concrete house is distinguished by the following elements weaknesses:

the need to stick to one version of the project – the cast concrete house is made to order. Prefabricated products are manufactured according to predetermined dimensions. Therefore, during this step, the printed houses should not be modified in any way.

building plot with possibility of entry of heavy equipment – houses made of concrete elements pose another obstacle in the form of transporting heavy modules of very large dimensions. Thus, too narrow or too narrow a plot can prevent construction work.

a limited number of companies carrying out this type of work – when choosing a poured concrete house, it should be borne in mind that not all companies deal with such investments. Moreover, only a few of them have the appropriate credentials and experience.

If you want to know the prices and reviews of concrete slab houses, we can ask for quick information in various construction forums. Modular houses with an area of ​​about 100 sq.m., in an open shell, will cost about 160,000. zloty. Prices for the shell of a concrete slab house will increase to about 200,000 PLN. zloty. On the other hand, to obtain developer status, reviews indicate costs in the range of 280,000 PLN. zloty.

Modular homes are a great proposition for people who are not afraid of novelty. Reviews of the construction of concrete slabs are overwhelmingly positive. In this case, we can be sure of the functionality and comfort that a reinforced concrete house provides. Especially since modular technologies are constantly modernized.

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