Advantages of frame houses. Check and choose your project!

Many Poles dream of owning a house. Unfortunately, to meet them, many challenges must be overcome today. Most important is rising construction costs and high price volatility. It is also increasingly difficult to find a qualified construction and management team, and you can wait even several months for good professionals. There is a shortage of building materials. Many would-be investors are also discouraged by the prospect of ongoing construction supervision, as well as the monitoring and coordination of the work of many different teams.

Turnkey houses are the answer to these difficulties. The Danwood company offers a complete construction and finishing of a frame house, which is as durable as a brick house, and at the same time modern, solid, environmentally friendly, inexpensive to build and use later.

Prefabrication technology allows you to have houses ready to move into in two or three months! What should I know about this solution?

What is a frame house?

Frame housesoffered by Danwood are buildings constructed using heavy timber frame technology. The base of the structure is a wooden skeleton made of impregnated timber. In addition, there are subsequent layers, thanks to which the house is completely airtight, energy efficient and free from thermal bridges.

The exterior walls of a Danwood frame house have a U-value of 0.12 W/(m2K) – so the house meets all the standards for modern energy-efficient construction. The 30 centimeter thermal insulation, which fully protects the house against cold and overheating, includes, among other things, polystyrene, formaldehyde-free wood-based panels, mineral wool and PE foil vapor insulation , thanks to which the house is 100% airtight, which affects its energy efficiency and reduces its heating bills.

Danwood frame houses are made using prefabrication technology. Prefabrication of walls, ceilings or roofs (that is, their manufacture in a modern factory, and not on the construction site) guarantees a much shorter construction time of a house.

Turnkey house construction typically lasts 8-12 weeks, instead of months or even years (when building an economic system). The skeleton itself is built up to 48 hours!

What does it mean? That from the moment the Danwood trucks bring the first modules to your building plot, it takes a maximum of a few months to move into the finished house!

In addition, prefabrication also increases the quality of individual elements (they are carefully checked at each stage), allows you to become independent of weather conditions (the house can be erected even in winter) and significantly reduces construction costs. The entire construction process is carried out exactly according to the planned schedule and with a guarantee at no additional cost.

Why is it worth buying a frame house?

Frame houses are an exceptionally popular solution in Western Europe and Scandinavian countries. In Poland, too, we increasingly come across buildings constructed with this technology. No less than 30 houses of this type leave the Danwood factories every week! Where does the popularity of timber frame houses come from?

  • 30% lower construction costs due to reduced building weight and fewer materials used.
  • A frame house is lighter than a brick house, so it can be placed on less stable soils without the need to make a deep foundation.
  • The house is ecological and healthy for its inhabitants thanks to the fact that it is made of wood and high quality materials.
  • Building a frame house means that in the future you can be sure that its maintenance costs will be much lower, especially energy and heat – Danwood focuses on modern technologies such as heat pumps and photovoltaics.

Advantages of ordering a turnkey frame house

Why is it worth having a turnkey house built instead of carrying out construction work and finishing the interior yourself? The turnkey standard saves the time needed to find a construction and finishing team as well as the independent purchase of materials. All work is carried out by a single recognized contractor. This gives you the guarantee that the individual steps will be carried out reliably and on time.

Moreover, when deciding on a turnkey construction, you have the choice not only of ready-made house designs, but also of interior fittings – this means that you no longer need to hire a interior designer separately.

The turnkey house is finished from the outside, has all interior fittings, walls and floors painted with tiles or panels laid. The bathrooms are equipped with sanitary facilities and taps. Just bring the furniture and you can move in!

Turnkey house construction steps

  1. Production of individual house elements in the modern Danwood factory.
  2. Transport of the prefabricated elements to the land of the investor.
  3. Stage zero – preparation of the foundation slab.
  4. Construction of a wooden skeleton, which consists, among other exterior and interior walls, ceiling, roof.
  5. Installation of wall covering, roof and its covering, flashings, installation of gutters, chimneys, window sills.
  6. Installation assembly.
  7. Finishing the frame house.
  8. Collection of the house by the investor

Where to find models of frame houses?

Danwood offers ready-made designs of timber frame houses in a turnkey and developer standard. The customer can choose from more than 100 different house designs: one-storey and mansard houses, one-and-a-half-storey and two-storey houses, with an area ranging from approximately 80 m2 to more than 200 m2. Depending on the choice of the appropriate package, the houses can be adapted to individual needs.

By ordering a turnkey construction, you can be sure to receive a house of the highest quality workmanship, implemented from start to finish by an experienced team, inexpensive to build and operate, and distinguished by a modern look!

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