An everyday device that we know so little about. How does the washing machine work?

Nowadays, almost every household has an automatic washing machine. In the past, washing took much longer, but everyone knew exactly how stains and other dirt simply disappeared. Mechanical friction with the use of detergents that facilitate the washing of dirt from the fabric is not magic, but how come a washing machine without brushes or special friction devices almost always deals with standard dirt and often even better than washing them manually?

The washing technology was developed decades ago and still works perfectly today. Manufacturers improve the technology only to slightly improve the washing process and reduce operating costs. Therefore, before buying a new appliance, it is always worth checking out the top products under the magnifying glass: washing machine and seeing what is currently most important when choosing this key appliance in the household of today.

How does the washing machine work?

The general working mechanism of the washing machine is constant and immutable. All manufacturers create their devices based on the same operating system. The key here is the programmer, which usually contains around 10 different programs. It is nothing more than the recorded behavior of the washing machine, i.e. the moment of the release of the contents of the individual chambers, the spin speed, the time, the pauses, the moment of the rinsing and changing water, and the final spin of the water from the clothes.

Most often, the programmer at the very beginning opens the valves that let water into the chambers, rinses their contents and pours it into the clothes drum. Then, according to the manufacturer’s settings, it controls the motor rotating the drum so that it rinses the clothes optimally, maintaining the correct spin parameters and water temperature for their safety. Therefore, most often washing machines do not allow interference with the main parameters (spin, temperature) of programs so as not to endanger clothes. As you can see, the principle of operation is very simple, and the computer is responsible for all the “magic”, which is increasingly used in household electrical appliances. It remains only to choose a model that will meet the expectations of a given person.

What to look for when choosing a good washing machine?

One of the main factors that describe washing machines today is their energy efficiency. This is a very important point – after all, energy prices have skyrocketed recently, but here it is worth being reasonable. Sometimes for a product of class A +++ you have to pay up to 30%. more than ordinary A. In practice, the difference in power consumption is so small that sometimes only after several years of use such an investment pays off. After all, if someone puts energy efficiency into their home, a suitable washing machine can reduce bills to some extent.

Main factors to pay attention to

Washing machines are described by several basic factors that determine their quality and purpose.

  • Dimensions and load capacity – washing machines are available in several basic variants, which are selected depending on the possibilities of a given apartment. If someone has a large family, it is worth buying a slightly more expensive, but also larger washing machine, which will do a lot of laundry at once. Owners of apartments with small bathrooms should instead look for slightly smaller fixtures that won’t take up too much space,
  • Spin speed – the washing machine must offer the highest possible spin speed. Of course, not all clothes are designed for a quick spin, but the maximum option is often useful. The standard value of today’s high-end washing machines is between 1200 and 1400 rpm,
  • Special functions – each manufacturer tries to introduce special solutions that set it apart from the competition. The most common are the inverter motor, which allows relatively quiet and economical washing and smartphone control, which is simply convenient. Often there are also steam functions that make the laundry even better. Basically, the more features, the better for the user,
  • Price – after determining your needs in relation to the above factors, it is worth checking the offer on the Internet and choosing a product that does not exceed the supposed budget. It happens that on the Internet you can find a much better and newer washing machine than from a stationery store, and its price will also be lower.

After such an analysis, everyone should be ready to choose the optimal product that will meet their expectations.

Where is the best place to buy home appliances?

Virtually everyone goes to a stationery store for major appliances. It’s nothing wrong – after all, many chains also have their own websites where the prices are the same, but you should never rely solely on what a fixed local offers, because only products that are selling, not those that are being sold, will be shown which are of the highest quality. In Poland, inflation is rising, and therefore – prices. Therefore, the more you have to keep your finger on the pulse and know if the price is right, or maybe you can get something much more affordable somewhere.

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