Builder Simulator debuts today

Now PC users can play Builder Simulator game from NewConnect Live Motion Games SA. This is the most important premiere this year for the Studio. Last year’s production was greatly expanded and optimized. This is an original production of Live Motion Games SA published in cooperation with Frozen Way SA. The price of the game has been set at 19.99 USD (71.99 PLN). The creators announce long-term support and development of the title.

Builder Simulator is a complete simulation game that not only lets you build a house. The creators of the game considered the possibility of planning the building, in a special tool, even before the construction phase, as well as the possibility of finishing and furnishing it. The game introduces the whole construction cycle – from drawing a plan to furnishing the interior, thanks to which it provides diverse and addictive gameplay.

The adventure begins with a tutorial, which allows the player to learn the basic mechanics used later in the game. After its completion, you can proceed to the contracts mode, where the friendly robot – Bill Derr – has a number of commands for the player. They allow you to learn skills that improve and speed up work on the construction site. For those who want freedom, there is a Sandbox mode in which there are no restrictions. It gives you the opportunity to use all the mechanics, tools and an inexhaustible budget for purchases. In this mode, the only limit is the player’s imagination. Each mode is available independently and can be launched at any time.

For those who want to focus on finishing and decorating, there is an “interior design” mode. You can plan your dream home and skip the construction stage and jump right into the fun of interior design. You can also use the planner to design a house and ask Bill Derr to build it. The “nice” robot, which we already know from the tutorial, will perform this task in seconds. This way, you can move from the planning phase to choosing wall and furniture colors, quickly skipping the labor-intensive construction phase.

– The game has different modes, which allows for more varied gameplay. It’s no longer a game just for simulator fans or the construction industry itself. Over the past few months, the title has been significantly developed. We’ve added a brand new game mode that lets you decorate the interior with nearly 2,000 decor items. This gives great potential for enjoyment for a wide range of players – says Kamil Marcinkowski, Studio Head at Live Motion Games SA

A photo mode is available at all times, allowing you to share your achievements on the construction site with your friends. And because the game features 3 plot sizes in 8 different locations, the possibilities of locating a home in a charming neighborhood are at your fingertips.

Builder Simulator was shown at the STEAM Demo Festival in 2021, then at the Steam Next Festival in 2022. Earlier this year, it was also available as part of playtests, during which the studio conducted a survey. Even then, 95% of gamers rated the game a 4 or 5 on a five-point scale, and over 90% were very willing to recommend it to their friends.

– Made in March this year. playtesting has garnered a lot of feedback from players. On its basis, the team implemented a large number of fixes and significantly developed the game. The smoothness of the gameplay was improved, including the operation of many mechanics, a lot of work was done to optimize the game for weaker computers in order to make it more accessible to a wide range of players, and finally a significant amount of content has been added. There is a whole new mode of interior design. In a relatively short time, the game has grown significantly, giving hope for a significant expansion of the target group – says Paweł Lipiec, PR and Marketing Manager at Live Motion Games SA

The co-publisher of Builder Simulator is Frozen Way SA, in May this year. the companies signed a publishing framework agreement, according to which Frozen Way SA became co-publisher of the game and pledged to actively support promotion and sales activities.

– This is the most important premiere of this year for Live Motion Games. We are happy that at this crucial time we can count on the support and publishing experience of such an efficient partner as Frozen Way. The cooperation is exemplary and we hope it will grow in the future – says Michał Kaczmarek, President of Live Motion Games SA

Steam Builder Simulator tab.

About Live Motion Games:

Live Motion Games SA operates in the video game market. The studio produces computer games for the Steam platform. Currently, the company is working on many games in varying degrees of completion. The company was established in 2017. Its main shareholder is the publisher and producer of computer games – PlayWay, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The company’s strategy is to create and sell titles worldwide in a digital model, through the Steam platform. The company has been listed on the NewConnect market since June 2021.

About Frozen Way:

Frozen Way SA operates in the video game market. The studio produces computer games for the Steam platform. Frozen Way is a game development studio and publisher from Krakow. The studio is known for co-creating House Flipper and the DLC for this title, as well as creating and publishing House Flipper VR on Steam. The company is focused on the next-generation PC and console market.

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