Cheap 5G internet is not an oxymoron. And fast internet will come in handy everywhere

Fast, wireless internet is the dream of anyone who uses the web a lot, whether it’s browsing social media, playing games, or watching movies. Fortunately, this is a dream literally within reach, because the possibility of using the fastest mobile Internet in 5G technology is not expensive at all. You can have 5G Internet for 25 PLN and use it everywhere – at home, in the company and – within reach – wherever you want.

It is no longer possible to imagine the world without the Internet. Currently, not only do we use it often, but we are even constantly connected to it. Our demands on it are also growing. No wonder the 5G network is gaining more and more popularity. Initially, 5G was just a curiosity, reserved for a small number of inhabitants of the largest cities. Currently, however, in Plus there are already more than 19 million people within reach. This means that almost half of the inhabitants of Poland can use the Internet in a mobile, laptop or tablet, with speeds of up to 600 Mb/s.

Cheap 5G internet is no longer an oxymoron

And Poles are increasingly using 5G. All because Internet Plus prices are inflation-proof and affordable. Today, 5G Internet in this network can be purchased from 25 PLN per month. It is enough that in addition to the Internet, we also choose another telephone or Internet subscription for a minimum of 44.90 PLN, then the price of the fastest 5G Internet in Poland will be reduced to 25 PLN. It is an ideal solution for those who need fast network access at home and outside – in the cell.

The prices are also advantageous for those who wish to buy only 5G Internet. Here, packages with 30 GB of Internet to use start from 30 PLN per month. Anyone need more data? No problem, for 120 GB we will pay 50 PLN per month, and for 100 PLN we will get 500 GB, which will be enough for several family members or company employees who will use a router that supports 5G .

The offer is therefore flexible, and everyone selects the data package they need. Plus, everyone will get 1 month free to start, and 3 months if they switch ISPs to Plus. And for the undecided, Plus has prepared an interesting offer. When choosing an internet offer with a router, you can test 5G for 15 days for only 9 PLN, and if you are not convinced, simply give up.

Such fast 5G internet is a great solution for those who use network resources in a very different way. It will work at home, where a fast and good connection is essential, when we want to play an online game or watch a movie on streaming sites in good quality. But thanks to its mobility, such an Internet can always be taken with you, for example, when we want to work somewhere outside the house or we go to another city for a trip. Lots of gigabytes in the package will mean you won’t have to constantly watch if we’re going to run out of internet. And the very low prices achieved today by data plans mean that even if the Internet does start to run out, you can buy such access at any time and continue to enjoy 5G Internet on fastest in Poland, which is offered by the Plus network.

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Plus’ 5G internet is also worth having in the business

People who have businesses may also be interested in the possibilities offered by the 5G network. Low prices, which also for entrepreneurs start from 25 PLN net under the smartFIRMA program (it is enough to have a telephone subscription for a minimum amount of 39 PLN net per month), facilitate the provision of a connection Fast Internet in your office, currently necessary for efficient work. Especially today, where every tax return must be submitted electronically and the most important data is often sent directly to the cloud.

Of course, depending on how much internet you need, each entrepreneur can choose the package they need the most. Taking advantage of the promotion, for people who already have a telephone subscription, this is Internet for business, where, for example, up to 600 GB per month will be used, it costs only 75 PLN per month. Often this can be not only faster, but also cheaper than landline internet.

An entrepreneur can also provide such fast Internet access to his employees or himself by choosing an offer with a router, but also with a laptop or tablet. Then, all of these expenses can be deducted as tax-deductible costs, as they relate to the business activity performed.

The article was written in collaboration with the Plus network

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