Green Hell VR now available on Steam

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The wait is over – Green Hell VR has just been released in the PC VR Edition. The premiere was during today’s Upload VR Showcase, which also featured a brand new trailer. Green Hell VR uses the full potential of the PC VR platform and is now available for 89.99 PLN on the Steam store. To celebrate the premiere, there is a 10% discount on this price until June 16. Players can also buy the original Green Hell with the VR version through a promotional package that lets you buy both games at once with a 20% discount, which will be available until June 22.

We invite you to watch the first Green Hell VR trailer in the PC VR version.

Green Hell VR is designed to be a realistic open world survival experience. Incuvo developers took advantage of the extra time to increase the realism of the game with better visual quality, game mechanics specially designed for the PC VR version and a larger area to explore – which resulted in the the most immersive experience possible.

“The support from our players using Quest 2 has been very motivating for us, especially when we saw Green Hell VR climb to the top of the Oculus Store bestseller list,” said Andrzej Wychowaniec, CEO of Incuvo. – “We would like to thank all of our Creepy Jar fans and partners for allowing us to bring Green Hell in VR to audiences around the world. We look forward to hearing from PC VR users about this edition.”

Green Hell VR has already captured the hearts of brave adventurers using the Oculus Quest platform and tops the Oculus Store bestseller lists as one of the most authentic and engaging VR experiences on the market. . Players will encounter the terrifying power of the Amazon jungle as they lead anthropologist Jake Higgins in search of his wife, Mia, after they are separated by a mysterious turn of events. Using only a radio link to his beloved, Jake must navigate his way through the forest, remember landscape features, distinguish between useful and dangerous plants and animals, or constantly monitor his physical health. and mental. Skillful use of over 60 different game mechanics is key to surviving the jungle – players will need to heal, craft, build, hunt, fight and more. The experience is not at all like walking in the woods.

  • Confront the jungle – survive in the Amazon rainforest, authentically recreated with its native flora and fauna.
  • Fight for your life – gather supplies, hunt or run to save yourself from predators. Killer animals are a threat that cannot be underestimated; beware of jaguars, crocodiles, poisonous scorpions, snakes and toxin-secreting frogs.
  • Immersive Exploration – Journey through forest thickets, opening up new paths to gather supplies or build shelter for yourself.
  • Crafting Tactical Tools – Defy death by building invaluable tools from scratch to help you on your journey.
  • Multiple Endings – Match the puzzle pieces to follow in Jack’s footsteps and solve the mystery of what really got you into the chaotic world of Green Hell.
  • Hear the sounds of the jungle – immerse yourself in the sounds around you, whether it’s the roar of a jaguar or the crackling sparks of a fire. Green Hell VR sounds have been specially designed for virtual reality experience.
  • At the same time, various improvements have also been added to the Quest version of the game in areas such as UI, enemies and more, along with graphical improvements, bug fixes and new features such as individual difficulty settings and an immersive HUD mode. For a full list of changes made, visit the Green Hell VR page in the Oculus Store.

The Green Hell VR game produced by Incuvo SA is based on the critically acclaimed game Green Hell, released by Creepy Jar in 2018 for PC and later also on consoles. Green Hell captured the hearts of fans of the genre, resulting in over 3 million copies sold across all platforms.

For more information on Green Hell VR, please visit the website, join the conversation on Discord, and follow the Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook profiles. Add Green Hell VR to your Steam Wishlist.

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