High-end laptop for hybrid operation

A hybrid approach to work

Two years of the pandemic have mixed the job market heavily, and we’ve changed terms like “work from home” or “work-from-home” multiple times in all cases. Something that was once treated as an occasional perk for an office worker has become commonplace, and at the same time the very way of thinking about how and where we do our jobs has changed.

Although we were forced to do so at first, over time we have come to appreciate the benefits of working remotely. The pandemic period has also provided a lot of research material for various types of reports and analyzes concerning the evolution of the labor market.

The State of Hybrid Work 2021 study, published on the Ring Central blog, shows that 67%. of respondents do not expect to return to the office five full days a week after the Covid-19 pandemic. In another industry report, The Work Trend Index, we can read that up to 73%. of respondents are satisfied with remote or hybrid work and prefer not to go back to the traditional office model.

And what are the opinions of employers? In 2020, according to the Gartner survey, 82%. of companies said they intend to allow remote work after the pandemic. The hybrid working model is also an opportunity to easily recruit talent from different parts of the country or even the world, or people with disabilities, as well as significant cost savings, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

Both parties have discovered that thanks to technology it is possible to work effectively and efficiently also outside the office.

ASUS ExpertBook B5 is the first business laptop with an OLED display, available in classic or convertible versions, with a 360 degree hinge.

Hybrid laptop – what is it?

Technology is the key word in this case, because among the many conditions that must be met for hybrid operation to be effective, good preparation in terms of equipment is extremely important. If our office is to “follow” us everywhere, we must organize it in the best possible way. The absolute basis is choosing the right laptop.

The pandemic not only changed the labor market, but also boosted laptop sales, so much so that at one point demand exceeded supply and there was a shortage of components for their production. However, the crisis has been averted and we can choose from many models of laptops, advertised as devices for remote work.

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