Osswalds Mill Audio – you can’t sound better at home

Sound in your living room as in the rooms associated with ECHO? It’s possible! Meet Jonathan Weiss and his Osswalds Mill Audio.

Osswalds Mill Audio – “A Conspiracy”

Jonathan Weiss was born in New York in 1964. He studied international relations and political philosophy at princeton university and international law in London School of Economics. After years of traveling Weiss he changes direction and becomes a filmmaker. He produced and directed an integral adaptation of the novel The Atrocities Exhibition JG Ballard.

Exhibition on atrocities (J. Weiss) – The crash

Finally in 2007, after the discovery of a vast restoration project Oswald Mill in an 18th century mill in eastern Pennsylvania, he realized that his true passion was sound. This is how it was created AMO.


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Osswalds Mill Audio – from filmmaker to filmmakers

Oswalds Mill Audio is well known in the audio industry for incorporating vintage sound technologies such as rare cone profile and field coil drivers into its designs. AMO is currently the only high-end audio company that produces horn speakers with a tapered profile – they are inspired by equipment created by RCA in the 1930s and 1940s. In addition, the company also produced amplifiers, turntables, tonearms and accessories.

Jonathan Weiss’ Quest to Build the Best Sound Amplification System Ever

The first loudspeaker AMO was commissioned by a photographer and filmmaker Anton Corbijn – yes, the exact director who made the film Controltell a story Ian Curtis and his division of joy.

Control (2007) – trailer

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Osswalds Mill Audio – a sensation

All products AMO are created in the immediate vicinity Oswald Mill in Pennsylvania. Most are handcrafted, although very advanced engineering is required to complete it. The base material comes from the last two existing quarries in the state.


The hardwood we use to make our speakers, amplifiers and audio cabinets grows in the surrounding Pennsylvania forests and is sustainably sourced. Our wood generally requires years of careful airing and then kiln drying. We use new cutting-edge processes, like roasting, which literally boils the wood to improve its tone and increase its stability. We have our own 15,000 square foot woodworking shop with state-of-the-art CNC machinery as well as vintage woodworking machinery and equipment that allows us to build things no one else does today. .

– we read on the OMA website

In 2014 AMO launched the world’s first cast iron speaker, Ironicwith each speaker weighing 181 kg!

Jonathan Weiss presents OMA

Ironic it was cast with 3D printed molds and high graphite hypoeutectic gray cast iron. AMO is known in the audio world for its unique approach to sound and design. Due to the use of conical horns, their speakers are much larger than those with curved horns or typical closed speakers.

The largest loudspeaker produced by AMO is called Imperia. It is a 2.1m high four way conical horn system.

OMA – Outrageous horn speakers and tube amps straight out of Brooklyn

Osswald Mill Audio – a new amplifier and the first presentation in 12 years

Recently at the Munich Fair TOP OF THE LINE Company AMO presented a new “home cinema” – DROP. This equipment is based on technology from the 1930s, when triodes were the norm, and amplifiers were housed in handsome vertical racks. AMO he returned to this configuration when designing his most powerful new amplifier. Special k it is an integrated structure, like all amplifiers AMO, and does not require a preamplifier. With eight new lamps KT88 in pure class A, the push-pull coupled to a triode produces nearly 50 watts per channel into eight ohms. Every detail makes this amplifier stand out both visually and acoustically.

OMA at the Munich Premium Fair 2022

Jonathan Weiss was very satisfied with his participation in the Munich show:

I think we did well, the sound in the room was good because we shipped about 2760 kilos of material. The room was overwhelming even for me – everything we showed is brand new – the OMA museum speakers, the OMA Special K amplifier, the OMA PD2 ​​phono stage and of course the OMA K3 turntable system (with integrated sand). Also Fleetwood Iron Rack System and new Fleetwood DeVille SQ speakers […] All of our future systems will be equipped with the power of Equitech.

– summarizes Jonathan Weiss, founder of Osswald Mill Audio

If that’s not enough, see more on the site AMO.

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