Rafał Zaorski bought the most expensive apartment in Poland for a record amount of PLN 22.9 million

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Rafał Zaorski bought the most expensive apartment in Poland for a record amount of PLN 22.9 million
Rafal Zaorsky. Source: Twitter

Polish speculator and entrepreneur Rafał Zaorski, who in recent months has earned at least 70 million PLN on cryptocurrency and stock markets, has repeatedly said in interviews that it is difficult for the average person to refer to such enormous sums in the event of potential expenses. However, as the company Złota 44 informs, he allocated part of the money he earned to the purchase of the most expensive apartment in Poland, for which he paid a record amount of 22, 9 million PLN.

  • Rafał Zaorski created more than 7 years ago a Polish community of associated traders under the name Trading Jam Session (TJS)
  • From March this year, he began to actively speculate in cryptocurrencies and the stock exchange, and he willingly shares the results of his trades on social media. Information shows that he could earn up to 100 million PLN during this period
  • Now part of this sum has been allocated to the purchase of the most expensive apartment in the history of the Polish real estate market in Warsaw
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Rafał Zaorski and tens of millions earned on crypto and the stock market

Just a week ago, Rafał Zaorski boasted to his more than 140,000 Twitter followers that he earned PLN 13 million in long positions on the DAX and NASDAQ indices. Above all, this is only one of the few successful bets by a speculator in recent months. And it’s not the biggest!

At the end of March, we informed that “Zaor” withdrew 22 million zlotys from the cryptocurrency market by investing in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). The real record was set in the first half of May, when he made a profit of PLN 44 million in the same markets.

Zaorski curtailed the vast cryptocurrency market during the hot period, including Terra Network’s currently controversial Luna cryptocurrency, which he has been calling the financial pyramid for many months. His words in May came true and the project all but collapsed, taking the entire ecosystem with it. Zaorski repeatedly wrote or said in his statements: “Za hajs z Luny baluj”. Now this statement has taken on a whole new meaning: the speculator has become a participant in the most expensive transaction in the Polish real estate market in apartments.

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The luxurious apartment is located in the Złota 44 skyscraper and has 480 square meters of space. Zaorski paid PLN 22.9 million for it, which is as much as he earned on digital assets during the month of March.


– We are glad that entrepreneurs and investors appreciated the luxurious nature of the Złota 44 apartment building and decided to locate a dynamically developing part of the capital in Warsaw. Thus, we would like to thank all the companies and professionals involved in the creation and marketing of the apartment building. Our thanks go to the residents and the administration of the building – emphasizes Clemens Lehr, Head of Europe of the Amstar fund, which participated in the marketing of the building.

Currently, Zaorski is again focusing on the growth of the cryptocurrency market and assumes that Bitcoin and Ethereum will reach 35 and 2.2 thousand respectively. hole. At the same time, there are many signs that we will soon see a skirmish between Polish financial influencers: Rafał Zaorski was called by Cezary “Trader21” Głuch “RaWał”, after the former repeatedly called him “Farmazoniarz21 “.

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