Ready house project – why is it worth choosing?

Ready house project – what is it?

A well-chosen design guarantees functionality for years. When you buy a ready-made project, you choose one of the concepts already developed. They include one-story and multi-story houses with a flat or, for example, gable roof, of any size, purpose and room layout. The investor only has to specify the orientations that are important to him and to choose the appropriate style of building.

Why is it worth choosing a ready-made house project?

When considering the validity of ready-made house designs, attention should be paid to several important issues. These are a number of advantages that make you, as an investor, convinced of this purchase.

1. Complete Documentation

It would seem that when buying a finished project, we only buy technical drawings and have to take care of the rest of the projects and industry formalities ourselves. In the meantime, this documentation is complete and compiled as a whole. Usually, the finished project also includes a set of applications that must be submitted to the appropriate office to obtain a building permit.

2. Reduced time needed to complete formalities

Besides the fact that a finished house design is a complete product, containing all the necessary technical drawings and complete documentation, you should know that such a design reduces the time spent on formalities. The very development of an individual project significantly extends this time, and thanks to ready-made solutions available “on site” you save a lot of time. A ready-made design after adaptation to a specific terrain also makes it possible to obtain a building permit more quickly.

3. Ability to make changes

Above all, it is possible to make changes to the project. Adaptation of the design makes it possible to adapt the building to the size of the plot, the provisions of the local land use plan or the individual preferences of the investor. As a result, the house will not only be functional, but also have the desired appearance and layout. You can change not only the dimensions, but also the construction technology, the facade materials, the carpentry of doors and windows or, for example, the type of roof covering. Usually, changes to the finished project can be made free of charge with the consent of the author of the project.

4. Multiple concepts and styles

Thanks to the wide range of projects in the catalog, the investor can choose from many types and styles of buildings. When buying a finished project, you don’t have to worry about the house repeating itself. Originality will be ensured not only by the aforementioned adaptation, but also by the very fact that there are designs in the market in different styles, technologies, designs, layouts, etc. In addition, they are divided according to the area, construction technology, type of roof or interior fittings. Certainly, every investor, even the most demanding, will find his account.

5. Project Mirroring

An additional and valuable option in the case of offering ready-made house designs is the possibility of purchasing the design in the layout offered by the company or in a mirror image. In practice, this ensures that the orientation of the house and individual rooms matches the directions of the world.

6. Investor cost estimate

It is valuable from an investor’s point of view that for the finished project you usually receive an investment cost estimate in addition to technical drawings, a construction project – architectural and structural part and interior installation projects industry specific. Based on this, you know the estimated construction cost broken down into individual stages. It also includes a bill of materials, which makes it easier to make an accurate cost estimate to a construction company that may be building our new home.

7. Free Additional Projects

It often happens that you receive optional architectural drawings dedicated to a specific house for a ready-made house design in the form of a free one or at a small additional cost. These are ecological installation projects, such as a heat pump, recovery, photovoltaics, a chimney with a water jacket. It can also be diagrams of a domestic sewage treatment plant or a sealed septic tank. Some companies also offer small garden architecture projects, thanks to which you can easily build a gazebo, a carport or a freestanding garage next to your house. Schemes for an alarm system or smart home as well as for mechanical power and exhaust ventilation are also becoming increasingly popular.

8. Possibility to see the house in real life

Visualizations are often attached to projects, but they will certainly not show the whole building in all its glory. Therefore, buying a ready-made design is a good solution for people with less imagination. They can contact people who have already purchased the project and have already built their house. In fact, seeing a house like this can greatly help you make your decisions.

9. Executive Society Recommendation

Once you have your project, it often becomes difficult to find a construction company to construct your building. Therefore, companies selling ready-made house designs cooperate with subcontractors and can recommend a company from their region of the country to the client.

10. Project price

Finally, it should be mentioned that the great advantage of ready-made house designs is their price. They rival the price of individually commissioned projects. Usually, even after adding tailoring costs, the finished project turns out to be less expensive. It is also worth remembering that the project price often includes many practical extras and freebies, such as the aforementioned small garden architecture design, a diagram of a domestic sewage treatment plant or a smart home installation.

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