Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: How to run the Google Assistant in Polish?

End of May & hairsp; – & hairsp; almost 9 months after the premiere of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 – the watch has received the Google Assistant that many have been waiting for. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has announced that it will only support English, Danish, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, and Taiwanese.

However, this is not due to Samsung’s bad will. System Wear OS 3 Google includes a new version of the assistant, which is designed strictly for watches and has not yet received support for our language. Similarly, the assistant does not yet work in Polish on smart speakers, which is not the fault of their manufacturers, but Google’s decision.

I asked Samsung to provide a test copy of the Galaxy Watch 4 for a few days to see if & hairsp; – & hairsp; despite the limitations of & hairsp; – & hairsp; I can somehow run the polish wizard. It turned out to be easier than I thought.

Google Assistant in Polish on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: how to activate?

After starting the watch for the first time, I immediately saw the Google Assistant in the list of installed apps. After clicking on its icon, however, a message popped up about the lack of support for the language set on the phone, i.e. Polish.

I decided to go to the assistant settings on my smartphone and change main language to englishand set polish as extra. Then the virtual assistant started working on the watch, although he didn’t understand all the commands. He could answer a question in Polish about the weather or Andrzej Duda’s height, but he wouldn’t follow commands like “remind me to buy milk” or “add an event to the calendar.”

I went to the smartphone settings again and I changed the order of the languages: Polish as main and English as complement.

After this treatment, the Galaxy Watch 4 Polish Assistant acquired full functionality. Well, almost complete.

How does Polish Assistant work on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4?

The wizard can be started by holding down the top button. From what I noticed duplicates the 1:1 functionality of the app on the phonewhich has its advantages and disadvantages.

The plus is that there is a smartphone assistant a powerful tool. From the level of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4, I can dictate notes in Polish, create calendar events and reminders, ask questions about various things or even control the lighting in the apartment. Everything works without any problem.

Since the Assistant seems to “think” it’s running on the phone, strictly the functions of the watch do not work. When I ask you to start training in Google Fit or ask for your heart rate, the Galaxy Watch 4 only shows results from the Google search engine, which cannot be fully expanded on the smartwatch.

Although the vast majority of assistant functions work perfectly in Polish, I suspect that many people are more interested in voice control of watch functions.

Remember Galaxy Watch 4 DOES NOT OFFICIALLY SUPPORT Polish Assistant

Although I managed to fire my Polish assistant within moments, there is no guarantee that this method will work for everyone. And if so, a software vulnerability that allows this can be patched at any time.

It was similar with Polish Assistant on the speakers, which could be activated the same way a few years ago, but eventually Google made it impossible.

So, if you have Galaxy Watch 4, it’s definitely worth trying Polish Assistant. However, if its absence prevented you from buying, I would not change your purchase decision only for an unofficial solution.

Both Samsung and Google agree that Polish Assistant on Wear OS 3 doesn’t work, so no one can blame it if it ever stops.

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Miron Nurski, editor-in-chief of Komórkomania

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