System 3E will issue shares. Grzegorz Krychowiak already has his share

The company System 3E, which offers home construction technologies based on natural perlite elements, has announced its IPO, which will be preceded by an issue addressed to social investors.

The company’s proprietary technology allows, according to its statement, to erect 1 m². walls in 4.5 minutes. 3E elements are made of natural volcanic rock, perlite, and thanks to the specific inclination of the Morse taper, they connect without mortar or glue, using the “click-click” method – the whole process looks like a construction, as if made of blocks. The manufacturer also ensures that its walls no longer require insulation.

The company’s goal is to build brand recognition and awareness among potential customers and investors. Therefore, the company expanded its activity to provide a full house construction service (through the DOM 3E company) and established cooperation with Extradom – a portal with design services. DOM 3E is the only partner of Extradom in the realization of house projects from 150 m².

– Currently, there is no leader in the construction of single-family houses in Poland, which is confirmed by our research. It is a market with strong growth momentum and long-term development prospects, but at the same time very fragmented. Having the technology to build quickly, easily, environmentally and safely, we want to create the biggest and most recognizable brand in the country and then move more widely abroad. The first international projects are already behind us – said Dariusz Lewandowski, President of System 3E.

The company guarantees that in 3E technology it is possible to implement single-family and summer house designs, as well as utility buildings, warehouses and outbuildings. 3E elements can also be used to fill tall structures. In cooperation with one of the largest retail chains, the company has already built three supermarkets, and the first structures with 3E technology are being built in Sweden, Spain and soon in the Netherlands.

The Polish company is preparing its expansion in Germany and the United States and holds patents for its solutions in many world markets. He calculates that the European market for exterior and load-bearing walls alone is worth 46 billion euros.

Crowdfunding and IPO

System 3E has announced an equity crowdfunding share offering of up to €1 million, to take place in the first quarter of 2022. The company wants to invite investors who understand the industry and its potential within the group of shareholders. The campaign will precede the planned IPO at the end of 2023 and is promoted by the Crowdway platform.

– In our case, crowdinvesting is a kind of pre-IPO, we want to raise and invest funds in the development of our infrastructure in a relatively short time. This is the last step to reach the full production potential of the Radomsko plant, which we built in 2017/2018. Through the investment, it will be possible to use the right time to build sufficient scale. We will soon present the details of the problem – explains Dariusz Lewandowski.

Equity crowdfunding will be another chance for the company to obtain external funding. In 2020, Polish national football player Grzegorz Krychowiak joined the shareholder group of System 3E and Dom 3E, acquiring shares worth 5 million PLN. Krychowiak became not only an investor, but also an ambassador of 3E brands, supporting the company in terms of image.

System 3E was established in 2017, the president of the company is Dariusz Lewandowski, who previously headed the Polish branches of Red Bull and the Tata company.

The parent company also includes Dom 3E SA and Dom 3E Realizations Sp. z oo The former deals with comprehensive B2C customer service and the acquisition of new contracts and partners, including extensive marketing activities. The second is end-to-end for the house building process and team formation.

3E elements are manufactured at the proprietary SYSTEM 3E technology plant in Radomsko. The factory has a production potential of up to 500,000 items per year.

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