Individual houses Gdańsk Kokoszki. Proximity to nature, good communication and family atmosphere

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Choose a detached house in Gdańsk Kokoszki. A neighborhood ardently chosen by families with children. Peaceful and safe neighborhood, proximity to nature and green spaces are some of the most important advantages of living in the suburbs. By choosing a house outside the city center, you can also count on lower investment costs.

The district located in the western part of the city combines residential and industrial functions. Many employees of the Maszynowa Industrial and Technological Park, production and distribution enterprises or an aviator choose Kokoszki as a place to live. Living and working outside the city center, you can enjoy everyday life away from the hectic pace of the city.

Detached houses – Gdańsk Kokoszki away from the bustle of the city

Kokoszki houses are distinguished by a large area – on average, the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe property is within the border from 150 to even 500 m². Residents have 4 to 8 bedrooms. The comfortable space will accommodate a large family with children, but will also be perfect for office or professional use.

Most listings are for secondary market real estate. Most homes are ready to move in immediately. The high quality finish means there is no need for general refurbishment.

The standard of detached houses in Gdańsk Kokoszki includes a garage or parking space. Many properties also have balconies and terraces. Gas heating is the dominant type of heating. All utilities are connected – water, electricity, gas, sanitary sewer system, internet, satellite TV.

Detached houses Gdańsk Kokoszki – amenities

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Individual houses in Gdańsk Kokoszki also have a lot of amenities. The private gardens are a big plus. Many aftermarket offerings not only include a neat interior, but outdoor space as well. A built terrace, an elegant lawn, trees, shrubs and even ponds … the inhabitants of Kokoszki houses take care of the gardens. Some properties even have built-in pools.

Anti-theft systems are an important convenience – doors, alarms, intercoms and blinds. Although Kokoszki is a safe neighborhood, many people cannot imagine a home without additional security. The plots are fenced and modern systems are equipped with remote control of the gate.

The newer houses are energy efficient or it is possible to use various solutions, for example photovoltaic panels or heat pumps. Part of the property also has a fireplace or the possibility of assembly.

Why is it worth living in Kokoszki?

Are you wondering if a detached house in Kokoszki is a solution for you? In addition to real estate parameters, it is also worth considering the advantages of living on the outskirts of the city.

Detached house Gdańsk Kokoszki means closeness to nature

In Kokoszki is the Sulmiński Forest – an ideal place for walks and outdoor activities. Nearby are also the Tricity Landscape Park, the Jasień and Otomińskie lakes and several small water reservoirs and parks. The number of walking and cycling trails is one of the area’s greatest assets.

Detached house Gdańsk Kokoszki is good communication

The Tricity Beltway runs through Kokoszki, making it easy to get to other parts of the city. There are also buses 26, 157, 167, 168, 267 and 268, as well as regional buses to Kashubian cities. By car you will reach Śródmieście in about 10-15 minutes. Travel time increases during peak hours.

Individual house Gdańsk Kokoszki is a commercial and service infrastructure

In Kokoszki, new shops and retail and service outlets, as well as nurseries and kindergartens, and attractions for the youngest are still being built. There are also children’s parks, gymnasiums and a swimming pool in the neighborhood.

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