Individual houses Gdańsk Osowa. When to choose a house?

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Individual houses in Gdańsk Osowa are very varied. In the neighborhood, you will easily find a property adapted to the needs of the family. A large area, private garden and spacious interiors make Osowa one of the most select neighborhoods outside of downtown.

  • Detached houses Gdańsk Osowa – the most important information

  • Individual houses Gdańsk Osowa – why is it worth it?

Among the offers of houses in Gdańsk Osowa you will find buildings from the early 1990s, as well as properties built in recent years. The district located in the northwest of the city offers proximity to nature, but at the same time easy access to the center. Residents appreciate good commercial and service infrastructure, well-developed communication and living comfort.

Detached houses Gdańsk Osowa – the most important information

You will find detached houses in Gdańsk Osowa mainly on the secondary market. A large surface allows you to arrange the space according to your expectations. Houses in Osowa are generally between 150 and 350 square meters. There are also larger installations up to 600-900 m² of space. A plot with a garden should also be added to the square footage.

Properties have 4 to 10 rooms. They will prove themselves as a place to live for large families, people who appreciate space or who are looking for a comfortable place to work. Most houses for sale in Gdańsk Osowa are ready to move in immediately.

The offers include buildings commissioned in the 1990s, as well as properties built in 2000-2021. Well-preserved properties do not require major renovation expenditure and are ideally located.

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Individual houses Gdańsk Osowa – why is it worth it?

A house with a view of the lake? Large garden? Proximity to hiking trails in the forest? Properties in Osowa offer much more than stylish interiors and functional room layouts. Why is it worth living in Gdańsk Osów?

1. Individual houses Gdańsk Osowa is a quiet and peaceful area

In the northwest, the district borders Gdynia and Sopot, in the west with the municipality of Żukowo and in the southeast with the districts of Gdańsk – Oliwa and Matarnia. A neighborhood popular with 18-59 year olds, families with children and the elderly. There are no night clubs or discos in Osowa. It is also not a venue for concerts or large entertainment events.

2. Detached houses Gdańsk Osowa offers easy access to the city center

Gdańsk Osowa offers a developed communication infrastructure. The neighborhood is crossed by the Tricity Beltway and bus routes 169, 171, 179, 210, 269. There is also a free 807 bus route in the neighborhood that takes you to the Osowa Mall. PolRegio and SKM trains also reach the district – connections to Gdynia Główna.

3. Individual houses Gdańsk Osowa has a large area and its own garden

Properties in Gdańsk Osów are distinguished by large areas, and most of them also have a garden. The properties are fenced and have all the necessary utilities. Ample space allows you to arrange your own space.

4. Detached houses Gdańsk Osowa means closeness to nature and recreation areas

Houses in Gdańsk Osowa are located near two lakes – Wysocki and Osowski, as well as many parks and forests, including areas of the Tri-City Landscape Park. Walking and cycling paths encourage outdoor activities.

5. Individual houses Gdańsk Osowa is a friendly neighborhood

Osowa is eagerly chosen by people seeking peace, but at the same time appreciate good infrastructure and quick access to the center. Gdańsk Osowa is not a popular area among students or young people who appreciate the city’s attractions. The majority of residents are middle and senior managers, business owners, doctors, scientists, and lawyers.

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