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Check which professionals are wanted by employers.

Office worker, plumber, nurse – check who else can find a job fast.


Current job offers:

– painter and varnisher of metal structures

– vulcanizer – vocational training

– office worker – secondary education, common computer knowledge

– cleaner – primary education

– storekeeper – training min. basic, authorizations for the operation of industrial trucks (forklifts)

– specialist in quality control and laboratory tests – training min. high school with a major in food technology or experience as a food technologist

– automotive diagnostician – technical or industrial secondary education with automotive specialization, 1 year of experience as a diagnostician

– plumber – vocational training in the field of hydraulics

– seller – secondary education, IT, license B

– nurse – secondary/higher education in nursing, 1 year professional experience as a nurse, document confirming the right to practice as a nurse

– physical security guard – high school diploma, experience as a security guard is welcome, computer skills

– seller – secondary or professional education

– international driver – guide – basic training, driving license category C + E

– C + E driver, tipper in Poland – basic training, driving license category C + E, accelerated initial qualification

– cashier-salesman – primary education

– waste sorting machine

– furniture assembler – secondary or professional education, 1 year professional experience as a carpenter, component fitter, know how to saw, cut with a saw, drill with a multi-spindle drill

– computer scientist, computer network administrator – secondary education in the field of computer technician

– roofer – basic training, professional experience 1 month in the positions of roofer, assistant roofer, driving license category B

Workstation equipment:

– sales representative – training min. professional; Driving license B
– auxiliary construction worker – basic education, willingness to work
– auxiliary construction worker – basic or vocational training, six years’ work experience in construction positions
– designer in industrial design – professional education
– agricultural worker – education min. average, category B driving license, performing physical work
– electrician for cable lines

Intervention work:

– driver of a delivery vehicle – B license, good organization of work, availability
– car mechanic – professional or secondary education in the field of car mechanics

Public works:

– road restorer – professional education, driving license category B, T (C)
– administrative assistance – higher education or in the course of studies in the field of IT, good organization of work
– master’s degree – education min. middle of the technical field or road or geodetic or construction, driving license category B

Internship offers:

– help in the kitchen
– receptionist
– seller
– accounting assistant
– barista
– waiter
– medical file
– service station salesman
– Childminder
– office worker
– accounting assistant
– secretary
– site insulation installer
– warehouse worker
– the owner of the domain
– housemaid

Detailed information can be obtained by telephone at the following telephone numbers:
(29) 74-521-51, (29) 74-521-52, (29) 74-533-93, 507-106-993, at the headquarters of the county employment office in Ostrów Mazowiecka, ul. 3-go Maja 55, 07 – 300 Ostrów Mazowiecka (operating room – stand no. 9 and 10) or in the central job vacancies database at .

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