LG showcases innovative technologies at InfoComm 2022

LG presents the future of commercial technology with digital signage solutions and an autonomous assistance robot

LG Electronics (LG) will showcase its innovative business technologies including transparent OLED signage, a variety of LED signage products and autonomous assistance robots at InfoComm 2022 in Las Vegas starting June 8. LG will present a variety of business application scenarios in seven distinct areas that will show how LG products meet the needs of businesses in conference rooms, retail stores, drive-thru, home offices, professional creative studios and Moreover.

At the LG booth, visitors will be able to see thoughtful applications of the technology in a variety of spaces. They show how almost any business can now use digital tools to improve efficiency, productivity and customer satisfaction.

In the Retail Solutions area, visitors are greeted with an LED signage solution consisting of 54-inch 1.8mm pp LED cabinets, which allows the construction of a FHD or UHD video clip. The new LG 54” LED Block (Model LSAC) has approximately four times the surface area of ​​the most commonly used LED panels, and its unique size allows it to be used as an easy-to-mount 55” LCD wall display. – it even fits into the brackets of existing LCD video wall models*. The first multifunctional robot for customer service, the LG CLOi GuideBot, was also presented in the Retail Solutions area. It is designed to guide the way, increase safety and create new advertising opportunities. LG CLOi GuideBot’s user-friendly digital face and dual large touchscreens are designed to revolutionize the customer experience virtually anywhere – from museums and conference centers to cinemas and hotels.

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The reception area showcased the creative possibilities of LG’s transparent OLED signage displays. It was also shown how 88-inch Ultra Stretch screens and LG Ultra Slim LED boards can be an attractive information background.

In the Collaboration and Education Solutions area, visitors will be able to see technologies for boardrooms, conference rooms, as well as training and classrooms. Featured products include LG’s 136-inch all-in-one LED monitor with integrated system controller and speakers, 55-inch and 43-inch versions of the versatile LG One: Quick Works and One: Quick Flex 4K collaboration tool , 86-inch LG CreateBoard interactive whiteboard, an innovative 28-inch LG DualUp monitor with a unique 16:18 aspect ratio, a 27-inch QHD Ergo Dual desktop monitor, a 15-inch LG gram laptop and a 98-inch large-format UHD display for classrooms.
The residential area was divided into two rooms. In the Home Theater area, LG MAGNIT will be showcased – its stunning picture quality achieved through several million self-illuminating LED pixels lets you enjoy your favorite movies at home. In the Home Office area, on the other hand, there is a 43-inch One: Quick Flex monitor, a 14-inch LG gram laptop and two ergonomic QHD desktop monitors that can be integrated into a 32: 9 or 16 ultra-widescreen. :18, or independently vertically and horizontally simultaneously.

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Professionals in the creative, film and television industries may be particularly interested in the OLED Pro Creative Studio area. It shows off the exceptional color, clarity and quality of LG’s 32-inch UltraFine™ OLED Pro monitor, which can be upgraded with a monitor cover and removable auto-calibration sensor. The space is complemented by two 65-inch UltraFine™ OLED Pro displays, one wall-mounted and the other on a stand.

The Control Room area shows how LG’s 136-inch all-in-one LED monitor can be used in control centers. Plus, the 55-inch Even Bezel LCD panels allow you to create a variety of video walls where the boundaries between panels are virtually invisible. A 43-inch IPS UHD desktop monitor and a 49-inch IPS Dual QHD UltraWide™ curved monitor with a 32:9 aspect ratio will also be on display.

In the projector area are high-brightness LG 4K UHD CineBeam Laser Ultra Short Throw (UST) laser projectors and the all-new ProBeam professional projector. They prove that LG’s wide range of products offer optimized solutions to meet various needs.

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