Nothing from Phone 1, or anything special…

On July 12 at 5:00 p.m., the creators of Nothing Phone 1 will showcase their work to the world. We receive new information about this smartphone almost every day. And my initial enthusiasm slowly cools.

Nothing is a company founded by Carl Pei, who is responsible, among other things, for the success of OnePlus. After leaving, he founded his startup and started raising money from investors. First, for headphones – which appeared on the market last year. And then – to the smartphone.

PR for free

Carl Pei’s name caught the attention of the media, so the company gained publicity with virtually no publicity or public relations funding. The aura of mystery and uniqueness of the products that come with it resembles what happened with OnePlus many years ago. A company for enthusiasts, whose products can only be purchased with a special invitation, those who had a OnePlus phone could feel special. And the smartphones themselves? They weren’t bad, the creators squeezed everything they could out of them – i.e. the software and the workings. But with photos, without the help of people more experienced in this field, they failed to jump to the top shelf.

Now, Carl Pei is clearly trying to replicate what made his first venture so successful. So we have a mystery and a unique look and a previously released, our own launcher. All that for it to be “spoken”. And indeed – smartphones with a transparent back, inside which you can even look inside, there are not many of them on the market. Only that so far, the “uniqueness” of this device is mainly based on its probable structure. Not too…

Fast charging not so fast…

Information has just appeared on the network according to which Nothing Phone 1 will recharge in 45W. That’s… quite a bit by today’s standards. That’s to say. it’s not bad, but it will be hard to sell this information as “incredible”. Another smartphone with 45W charging in the market.

Does the phone still have something special to offer? Well not really. It was said to be one of the first smartphones to run on the Snapdragon 7 Gen 1. But since it hasn’t seen the light of day yet, it’s more likely to be just the Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G. A decent processor that we know from many good mid-range devices, for example realme GT Master Edition or Samsung Galaxy A52s.

So maybe a camera? 50MP, 8MP and 2MP rear plus 32MP front is again a pretty standard set. I just hope there’s room for optical image stabilization and the 2MP won’t be a macro camera. I prefer the depth sensor for nice portrait photos.

Display? 6.43-inch AMOLED FHD+ with 90Hz refresh. Not crazy yet, although I enjoy 90Hz. Really – I don’t see much difference between 120 and 90Hz except for the battery. The 120Hz one finishes much faster.

There is still the system. We already know the Nothing launcher, so don’t expect any graphical surprises. Some groundbreaking features too, but as the saying goes, “we’ll live, we’ll see”. After all, the company can spread its wings here, because there are no technical limits.

Could it be cheap?

Something that could add “magic” to the new device would be the low price. But unfortunately I have no illusions. This is what large producers entering a new market can afford. Moreover, the experience of recent years shows that the policy is increasingly short, consisting of a few attractive moves, followed by price increases. Business is business. I don’t think Rien thinks in those terms at all. It seems to me that it will focus more on the exclusivity of the brand, placing it in the higher regions of its category.

All this brings me to a sad conclusion that nothing special should be expected after Nothing Phone 1. Another curiosity like Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone. What was on the market, but is no longer there, and journalists were interested in it, not users.

Of course, I will watch Nothing’s activities with interest and attention.

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