The best internet cloud. How does it work and what is it for? Advantages and disadvantages

internet cloud is a service consisting of the storage of our data (photos or videos) on the service provider’s server. Thanks to her, we still have permanent access to our fileseven if they are not available on the device.

The internet cloud is like an external hard drive. Nevertheless, it has more advantages. We do not have to take it with us, fearing that it will be damaged. The only thing needed to make it work is internet access.

More and more customers choose to change with data on cloud, and service providers offer free cloud space.

In theory, photos in the cloud are safe. All because the clouds have it encryption security The data. In practice, yes, there is encryption to secure our files on the Internet. No one will be able to access it without access data. Remember, however, that they can often happen online pirate attacks. Security breach or data leak gives access to our cloud to anyone interested.

Cloud the Internet it is not just a fictional cybernetic entity. It is placed on physically existing servers. Therefore, security depends on the efficiency of the servers.

Severe damage to servers can lead to the loss of data backups. After all, this is the most pessimistic view imaginable. Servers are usually supported by owners, and such outages are very rare.

Internet clouds offer both paid and free plans. The free option isn’t always the worst. If we don’t need several terabytes of data for photos, free cloud should be enough for us for holiday photos.

So let’s check what the companies are offering free cloud and what data limit they have. It may be that the free versions of the services are enough for us.

  • drop box – in the free option, it offers 2 GB of space. We can increase disk capacity for free by recommending the service to friends. We will have an additional 500 MB for each person.
  • – the free option offers a capacity of 5 GB. For recommending the service to a friend, we will receive an additional 1 GB. Also, photos are uncompressed, so we don’t have to worry about the lower quality.
  • Microsoft One Drive – at first, the company offered up to 30 GB of data in the free version. Currently, this limit has been reduced to 5 GB. Despite the lack of photo compression, many users complain about slow transfer times.
  • Flickr – a long time ago, the service provider offered almost 1TB for free! Currently, the disk memory does not depend on the data capacity, but on the number of photos. On Flickr we can store up to one thousand (compressed) photos for free.
  • Google Drive – one of the most popular clouds for vacation photos. We have access to the disk immediately after creating a Google account – even an email. We get up to 15 GB of space for our data for free.
  • pCloud – a lesser-known option, offering 10 GB of space on a virtual server. The only problem reported by users is the video player.
  • MEGA – recognized as the leader in free photo clouds. In the free version of the program, we get up to 50 GB of disk space. Something for something after all. The maximum daily download limit is 5 GB.

internet cloud it is not only available from major service providers. We are able to create our own cloud for holiday photos.

He will help us in this WE, i.e. a server with an external drive connected to the home network. An external drive connected to the network allows us to view files outside the house. NAS is recommended by many people for backing up data, not necessarily just photos.

When buying in the United States, we must take into account that it is up to us to protect it. Therefore, after purchasing and connecting the device, you need to follow a few steps. First, it is recommended that zmake two backups all data. Besides it’s good to have ja copy on a different medium, for example a flash drive. Finally, it’s a good idea to leave your next backup outside of your home or office. Thanks to this, we secure access to our files in the event of data theft.

Create a home cloud for vacation photos this is possible after purchasing a NAS server and an external drive. Moreover, it is necessary have a network router and any device that can connect to the server. At the very beginning, when we have all the hardware, we connect the NAS to the power supply and the router. You will configure the account, grant permissions and settings. At this point, we can separate zones on the server for each household member using the cloud. Ready. Now, after logging into our account, we have access to the data regardless of our location.

Currently, most travel photos are taken with a mobile phone. Therefore, it would be good to extract directly from the device level vacation photos in the cloud.

android works well with app in such situation Google Photos. It allows automatic uploading of photos to the cloud.

Compared to phones Apple, Android has Google Photos as the application installed by default.


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