The most beautiful houses in the world – here are 10 real works of art

What do the most beautiful houses in the world look like? Discover the real architectural gems – we’ve collected minimalistic and completely extravagant designs.

The most interesting houses in the world win prizes and worldwide recognition in numerous architectural competitions. Among the 10 most beautiful houses we have chosen, 3 of them are located in Poland – these are projects appreciated by renowned jurors. How do you like them?

The architecture of the world is undoubtedly surprising – although minimalism and glass seem to dominate, it cannot be denied that each of the projects presented is characterized by its originality. Equally important, not all of the most beautiful houses in the world have a huge square footage – one of the buildings on our list was designed for a single inhabitant!

A common feature of many projects compiled in the ranking is the focus on the nature surrounding the building. Many architects strive to ensure that the resulting building does not interfere with nature, and what is more – is inspired by it, complements it and coexists with it. What do you think of this approach? How does this look in practice? Find out which of the most beautiful houses in the world will impress you the most.

According to the international Global Architecture & Design Awards 2021 competition, the most beautiful house in the world is a villa located… in Poland!

What sets the building apart? As the architects responsible for the winning project explain: “Małopolska Chata Podcieniowa is a design house, but at the same time durable and timeless, because it is rooted in tradition. We believe at BXB Studio that because of this, it’s more than just a modern building”. The combination of tradition and modernity turned out to be a bull’s eye.

The house makes a stunning impression also due to the picturesque terrain on which it sits. An open and glazed space, thanks to which the members of the household can admire a beautiful view, certainly adds a cozy character to the whole.

Cloud-shaped house? The idea may seem surreal, but thanks to the unique architectural imagination, this eccentric idea has been put into practice. A cloud-shaped house can be seen in Australia.

Interestingly, from the street the building looks inconspicuous – it does not stand out from the neighboring houses. Therefore, it could have been built in an ordinary estate, hundreds of them in the neighborhood.

However, as soon as we look at the building from the garden, we can see the streamlined shapes forming the shape of a cloud. The elements that make it up were built on a typical single-family house that already existed. It was expanded in a truly unusual way – thanks to the “cloud” the house gained additional living space and increased its area.

The entire design impresses not only with its original concept, but also with a subtle combination of wood and glass – the house refers to both tradition and modernity. The dining room, kept in a deep red, looks particularly modernist.

Another Polish project recognized worldwide! The From the Garden House building won the Archello BEST OF 2021 competition. One of the most beautiful houses in the world was built in unusual conditions.

Usually the building is erected first, and only then the garden is planned. In this case it was different – “The vast garden was for us an existing element, over which we had only minimal influence, so we treated it as a natural element that was not chosen. Hence the name of the project, because the garden shows this house” explain the architects.

Without a doubt, it was a challenge to create such an amazing design while keeping the garden intact. However, Polish architects certainly lived up to it – the beautiful house impresses not only with its original design, but also with practical solutions. The building draws its energy from alternative sources – it is almost a self-sufficient organism.

Located in Canada, Shaw House is a true dream villa for minimalists. The building is simple through and through, devoid of many additional elements, it looks almost ascetic.

However, this is just the view from outside. There is a lot of extravagance inside – there is a glazed pool on the roof of the house. The bottom of the pool is also the ceiling of the hallway of the house, so you can admire the bathers or admire the light which, when it passes through the water, creates an astonishing effect.

Interestingly, this unique building was created for … a member of the household. It is impossible to hide, it would be a unique studio.

The building located in Vietnam impresses with its originality, and at the same time it is simple and not recombined. The house is kept almost entirely in white, contrasting perfectly with the rich vegetation that has become an indispensable part of the design. How it is possible? Plants were placed between the floors, ensuring that they could grow freely.

Dense and rich vegetation not only has an aesthetic function – it also purifies the air. In addition, plants provide protection from sun and noise, which becomes extremely important in a densely populated city like Vietnam.

Stacking Green House is an example of a home that combines urban minimalism with wilderness. The effect is amazing!

The program “The most unusual houses in the world”, visible on the Netflix platform, is becoming more and more popular. Architect Piers Taylor and Caroline Quentin travel the world and discover the most unusual and impressive buildings.

The 747 Wing House project was featured in one of the first episodes of the program. No wonder – it attracts attention not only with its original beautiful design. It also stands out for something else – wings and tail rudders from the Boeing 747 were used to build the house. Due to the use of airplane parts, the house has an exceptionally futuristic character, but the surrounding nature and the stretched view of Malibu break this effect perfectly. However, achieving this required not only a lot of work, but also a lot of permits – building a house from Boening’s parts was not easy.

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A modern residence in the Hollywood Hills makes a unique impression. As its name suggests, the house is “open” to everything around it. And literally – it’s actually hard to tell where its interior begins and where its exterior begins. The surrounding nature almost permeates the interior.

Open House is one of the most beautiful villas in the world. Why? On the roof of the building there is a large swimming pool and a jacuzzi from which you can admire the beautiful landscape. The building is undoubtedly luxurious and decidedly modern, even if it does not lack charm – all thanks to the elements linked to nature, present in every room of the building.

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Another building focused on coexistence with nature. One of the greatest things about the Oak Pass House is…the oak tree that grows nearby. The wide branches of the majestic tall tree are reflected in the nearby pool, creating a stunning effect.

And this time, the nature growing on the plot was taken into account during the design. The house that was built adapts perfectly to the topography and does not disturb the landscape in any way.

Nature matches perfectly with glass, minimalist design. The building, although taking the form of a block and undoubtedly having a modern character, is at the same time exceptionally comfortable.

Another project by architect Robert Konieczny and therefore another building located in Poland, which received the title of the most beautiful house in the world. In 2017, the project won the prestigious Design Awards competition and was recognized as the best building in the world at the World Architecture Festival.

Without a doubt, “Ark” is an original project – the house seems suspended in the air. It is supported by hidden piles, making it a bridge. Rain or snowmelt accumulated on the mountain slope can run off between the piles. The raw and modern building is surrounded by the beautiful Beskydy nature, which can be admired from the long terrace or the glazed living room.

Above all, the stunning aesthetics of the design are combined with functionality. As the creator of the Ark points out, the security of the house has been taken care of – a platform that acts as a “drawbridge” leads into the building, meaning uninvited guests cannot enter .

A dream villa for lovers of modern solutions. The shape, full of inclinations, seems eccentric, although the muted colors delicately soften the effect, full of expressiveness and dynamism.

The residence is located in a place where it is difficult to find peace and quiet – that’s why part of the room is … underground. Thanks to this solution, household members had as much privacy and privacy as possible. So you can see that even the most beautiful houses in the world are not without functionality – the architects made sure to meet the needs of the household.

The lighted pool and lots of glazing not only looks good, but also adds luxury. And in this case, there is no lack of nature – rich vegetation perfectly fits into the minimalist style of the building.

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