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Below is an overview of the most important news in the gaming sector from June 6 to June 10 this year.

The Dust: Game Island, a subsidiary of The Dust, has signed a publishing agreement with Toplitz Productions GmbH under which Toplitz will serve as the publisher of Game Island’s Serum, The Dust reported. “Serum” – prepared on the Unreal 5 engine – in the PC version, will be released in the early access option by the end of 2023 and in the full version by the end of 2024.

Render Cube: The total gross sales of “Medieval Dynasty” for the PC version exceeded one million copies sold, Render Cube reported.

The Dust: Shareholders have adopted an incentive program to grant eligible persons up to PLN 155,000. Series G shares, provided that the company’s cumulative consolidated gross profit adjusted for incentive program costs (cumulative EBT) for 2023-2025 amounts to at least PLN 21.5 million, the company announced.

Gamedust: Assumes its subsidiary Bluekey will develop Rooms of Realities app as a “killer app”, which could lead to the company being listed or sold to one of the major room operators escape, informed Gamedust CEO Paweł Flieger. Gamedust hopes to break even in 2023.

Creepy Jar: The shareholders decided to allocate PLN 14.61 million of the net profit for 2021, or PLN 29.1 million, to dividends, which means a payment of PLN 21.5 per share, the company said.

Bloober Team: The World Premiere of “Layers of Fears” – a new product associated with the Bloober Team brand “Layers of Fear” – for PC, Play Station 5, Xbox X | S digital release is slated for the first quarter of 2023. ., the company said. The first part of “Layers of Fear” debuted on the market in 2016, the second – in 2019.

Pixel Crow Games: We want to release the game “Fire Commander” this year, said CEO Damian Gasiński. Additionally, the studio wants to show the “Food Truck Empire” and “Total Alarm” demo this year.

Klabater: He announced that the company’s games will soon appear on Amazon’s Prime service, the Google-owned Stadia streaming platform, and Valve’s new hardware platform – the Steam PC handheld console Deck,” said board member Michał Gembicki.

BoomBit: BoomBit Group gaming revenue was PLN 27.26 million in May 2022, down 1.3% month-on-month, the company said. The total number of BoomBit Group game downloads in May is 31.8 million.

Unseen Silence: It wants to debut immediately on WSE’s main market, although it previously planned to enter NewConnect’s market, informed Ignacy Kurkowski, president of ISBtech. The company plans to release the game “Ultra Mega Cats” around the turn of 2022/2023 and “Terror Endless Nights” early next year.

Cl Games: The Supervisory Board of Cl Games, due to the expiry of the current mandate of the Management Board, adopted a resolution on the appointment of Marek Tymiński for a new term of five years, entrusting him with the position of Chairman of the Management Board and David Broderick, entrusting him with the position of Vice-Chairman of the Management Board.

Vivid Games: Revenues increased by 111% year-on-year to reach PLN 3.4 million in May and are the highest this year, the company said. Cumulatively, Vivid Games has generated this year. over PLN 14 million in sales. Similar to previous months, “Real Boxing 2” and “Eroblast” had the biggest share in this, which again generated higher revenue than a month earlier. Cumulatively, the net result is 270 thousand. PLN, EBITDA is at the level of 2 million PLN. At the end of May, there were 2.8 million PLN in the company’s accounts.

Games Box: The Warsaw Stock Exchange has approved the information document of the producer and publisher of video games for PC and consoles and adopted a resolution to list its shares for trading on the NewConnect market. On launch day, a total of 1,213,750 Series A and B bearer common shares will be offered for trading.

Incuvo: “Green Hell VR” was released in PC VR Edition. The game is available for 89.99 PLN in the Steam store. Green Hell VR is designed as a realistic open-world survival experience. Produced by Incuvo, “Green Hell VR” is based on “Green Hell”, released by Creepy Jar in 2018 for PC, and later also for consoles.

Immersion Games: “Disc Ninja” arrived on the Chinese platform Pico Digital Store on June 9. The game is available on Pico Neo 3 glasses and has a multiplayer mode for four players. Last year, the Pico Store platform was acquired by ByteDance – the operator of the TikTok website. This is the second largest market for the company’s project. Disc Ninja makes its debut with the latest update which improves the disc launch model.

BTC Studios: Acquisition of 100% of the shares of Xi4G contributed by the current shareholders of Xi4G by contribution in kind to hedge the Series M shares.

Pyramid Games: A paleontological simulator produced by the company. “Dinosaur Fossil Hunter” sold over 22,000 copies in less than 5 weeks after its premiere. Thus, according to the company’s estimates, all the costs of producing and marketing the game, which totaled more than PLN 1 million, were recovered. Around 130,000 people are currently waiting to purchase the title on the Steam platform. The game was released in 14 languages ​​and the price for the copy was $19.99.

Duality: The release date for “Barn Finders” on Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Xbox has been set for June 17, 2022. If the Sony Playstation console approval process is completed before June 17, then the game will be released jointly on the three platforms.

Duality: Within 72 hours of its premiere, 141 copies of the “Barn Finders VR” game, released on Steam on June 2, were sold. Punch Punk is responsible for implementing the game port for virtual reality devices.

Dark Point Games: After three weeks of the early access version of the game “Achilles: Legends Untold”, the company believes that the title is very popular with players. The game should stay in the early access version for about 12 months. For the next 2-3 years, the company wants to develop the title with new add-ons, free for all players. There are also plans to release a console version after the end of the early access phase.

Golden Eggs Studio: Through crowdfunding, the company plans to raise PLN 3,999,600. Funds raised should be used for further development. Golden Eggs Studio plans, among other things, to create another independent production team, marketing support for titles that the company will release in the near future, expanding the project team and acquiring the intellectual property rights for a new project.

Game Hunters: Free playtesting for “Gunsmith Simulator” on Steam has begun.

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