Apple unveils the secret of iOS 16. The first list of novelties

Alongside the 14 iPhones, iOS 16 will hit the market and Apple has decided to reveal the first details of the next big update to the operating system.

This fall, there will be four different smartphones in the iPhone 14 series, and with them a major system update designed for phones with a bitten apple on the back. The Cupertino giant will introduce plenty of accessibility features, especially for people with disabilities – as the company admits on its website, the update will help to “navigate, connect and take full advantage of Apple products”.

The Apple Watch will be fully adapted for users with disabilities

First of all, there will be an Apple Watch Mirroring feature which will completely solve all the problems of physically handicapped users. Mirroring allows you to control Apple Watch with your iPhone via voice command or Switch Control. This functionality uses a combination of hardware and software including – as we can read – “AirPlay-based solutions”. This will allow you to have access to all smartwatch sensor tests.

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These are not the only improvements made to the Apple Watch, however. AssistiveTouch will be developed, that is to say a function that allows you to use the watch without touching its screen, and by performing certain gestures. The new update will allow you to answer or reject a phone call, dismiss a notification, take a photo, play or pause multimedia, and start, pause or resume training by performing a double pinching gesture.

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Door detection, a new feature for iPhone and iPad

Apple smartphones and tablets will be enriched with the door detection function, which can greatly help the blind or visually impaired. The device detects all doors and informs the user of their distance and whether the door is open or closed. Also, if they are closed, the iPhone or iPad will tell the user how to open them – what kind of handle are we dealing with, whether the door should be pulled towards you or pushed, or whether it can be grabbed on one side and slid to the side.

Door detection will also be able to read all signs and symbols on and around them, such as room numbers, entrance symbols and opening hours. Apple explains that this function uses the combination Lidar, that is to say an iPhone or iPad camera and machine learning.

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Live Legends. Anywhere and anytime

iOS 16 will also introduce a live captioning feature, which is primarily aimed at deaf and hard of hearing users. The feature generates captions from audio content in real time – not only for web content, but also for FaceTime calls and even live chats with the other person next to you.

Other Features Coming to iOS 16

Apple has announced a few slightly smaller new features that will appear in the latest operating system this fall. Voice Over, which is an Apple screen reader feature for the blind and visually impaired, will receive support for more than 20 additional languages ​​(including Ukrainian, Bulgarian and Catalan). Siri Pause Time will also appear for users with a speech impairment. This new feature will allow you to adjust Siri’s waiting time before answering a question.

Voice control will also be improved with the ability to dictate letter by letter to compose your own word. In addition, Buddy Controller will also appear, that is, a function that will allow you to ask another person for help in certain games. Sound recognition will also be introduced, allowing you to customize unique sounds specific to a person, as well as Apple Books – an app that gains new themes and allows customization as bold text or by adjusting line spacing. , characters and words.

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It must be admitted that Apple makes great use of its capabilities to increase the comfort of life for people with disabilities. All the functions presented are excellent new features that will surely be used by many users on a daily basis.

Source: Apple

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