Is it worth buying a Nintendo Switch in 2022?

The console market is flooded with devices. Nowadays, players have a huge choice of equipment and games. Nintendo Switch caught my eye right from the start. As I have loved the big N since I was a child, I decided to equip myself with this old console and I will tell you a little about it. Finally, we will answer the question of whether it is worth buying a Nintendo Switch?

Is it worth buying a Switch this year?

  1. Is it worth buying a Switch this year?

  2. Nintendo Switch releases

  3. Switch is not a console for everyone!

  4. Nintendo games are child’s play!

  5. Play wherever you want!

  6. Switch Lite is interesting!

  7. So finally. Is it worth buying a Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch releases

They are currently on the market 3 versions of the Switch console, and at the outset it should be noted that the computing power of all three is the same. The choice depends on the needs of the player or his wallet. The first version of the console on the market appeared in 2017. The console was notable for its hybrid nature. What more can be said. You can connect the console to the TV thanks to a special Dock, and after removing it, you can enjoy the mobile console! A wonderful idea, as well as the execution! The second version of the Switch was Lite. My choice fell on this version, but I will tell you why later. Either way, the Lite was stripped of all the major features that Nintendo boasted about. We are not going to hang the console on the TV or play in local co-op without having a second device. The size has also changed, as Lite is much smaller than its predecessor. The latest addition to the Nintendo stable is Switch Oled, whose name indicates how it differs from its predecessors. Well, it has the biggest oled screen of them all. By the way, its docking station is equipped with a LAN socket and has 64 GB of built-in memory and I would forget. A bigger battery. No need to write the exact technical specifications because the Switch has been on the market for several years. In this document, we will consider whether it is worth buying a Switch.

Switch is not a console for everyone!

This is essential information that you must hear at the beginning, and since my integrity does not allow me not to mention it, I mention it. Why not for everyone? Well, Switch has a very rich collection of games, there are known proposals from major stationary consoles, such as Loss, if The Witcher 3but their appearance may scare off purists of maximized graphics and 4K resolution. Well, games transferred from more powerful consoles don’t look very good, but that’s not too bad either – “I would say that on average“. The following games are exclusive productions produced especially for Nintendo. This is where the stairs begin. Because players can be divided into two camps, these delighted with N games and those who they call them baby shit. Let’s start with the delighted camp. They will always praise how wonderful Nintendo games are and how beautiful they look. Here I have to accept games produced specifically for the Switch – Yes, Zelda: Breath of the Wild I’m looking at you They are wonderful! The graphics can delight in places, frames also retain console standard of 30 fps overall it’s fun to play and it’s enjoyable to watch. pokemons, mario, Kirby etc They are also refined and can impress visually. Those who hate N on principle just smiled.

Nintendo games are child’s play!

You can often hear such an objection on the web. It is difficult to disagree with him when looking at the graphics of games created especially for the described system. N games are not childish. They are for everyone and i guess that’s what makes them so special. We will not play Call of Duty with the whole family, and not everyone will want to play GTA, because it does not suit them. But in such a way Mario or Mario Kart? Everyone will playeven one who swears he does not play. Yes, I personally know such cases. Nintendo games are not demanding, it is very easy to learn the basic rules and that’s it we can play Mario Kart on console up to 4 players at the party! Two pads are already in the basic set of the first Switchso true we are immediately ready to play with someone close to home and not necessarily at home!

Play wherever you want!

Even together! This is a great argument for buying a Switch! Are you going on vacation? The switch will fit perfectly into the backpack. This one is equipped with a special foot that you can place, detach the controllers from the screen and you can play together, for example on the train! Tired of multiplayer games? You plug in the controllers and play something else yourself. You have a TV in the hotel, you can play on TV. This is the main argument consoles should be sold with – in fact, they are. Therefore, if you travel a lot and like to play, this proposal is perfect for you! However, if you have another console at home and sometimes get carried away, Switch Lite will be a good proposition for travel!

Switch Lite is interesting!

I’ve always liked the idea of ​​portable consoles. I’ve always had one in my collection and it all started with the first game boy, which is from Nintendo. This year I decided to go back to N and bought Switch Lite. Why? Well, at home I also have a PlayStation 4, on which I play box office hits such as Cyberpunk 2077 (hehe), and seriously play more demanding titles such as Elden Ring, GTA or Red on it. Dead Redemption 2, which take a lot of time. I am no longer talking about the process itself from launch to game, but about the time of realization. These titles require some kind of commitment and dedication. I can’t afford such luxury lately. I took a look at the Switch deals and found a very profitable one. Without thinking, I bought it. It’s been a while now and I’m still so thrilled. When I first launched Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu, I felt exactly like a kid playing Pokemon Yellow. It was similar with Zelda, although this experience reminded me more of the Elden Ring, which I had the opportunity to play right after the premiere. Remember when I mentioned that Switch games are undemanding? In addition to being easy (mostly), they don’t take time. You can go to bed at night and turn the console on and after a minute you’re in the middle of the last game you played, unless you turn it off. Then after a second, you are where you were last! It’s brilliant!

So finally. Is it worth buying a Nintendo Switch?

This is probably the only reason why you are still reading this text. If you’re looking for graphical fireworks then the Switch isn’t for you, unless you appreciate anima graphics then you are. However, if you want to expand your horizons, discover something new, perhaps unfamiliar, this is a device that will give you hundreds, if not thousands of hours of enjoyment!

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