Poland 2050 for a reduction in fuel margins and support for heating homes with coal

Szymon Hołownia’s Poland 2050 proposes reducing fuel margins, curbing speculation in coal trading and supporting people who heat their homes with it. He also wants to switch more quickly to renewable energy sources – said the leader of this grouping on Friday in Katowice.

At a press conference in the Katowice district of Giszowiec, where many houses are still heated with coal, Szymon Hołownia presented the symbolic – as he called it – “canister of disgrace” and a “bucket of disgrace” filled with coal. He judged that they could be a symbol of the current government.

The leader of Poland in 2050 calculated that today the cost of 20 liters of gasoline is 160 PLN. Two years ago, for such an amount it was possible to travel by car from Katowice to Warsaw and back, today it may not be enough for a one-way trip – he explained. As he said, the cost of 15 kilograms of coal (that’s what it takes to heat a house for a day) is 45 PLN.

If it doesn’t stop – and you don’t see the government’s idea that this price spiral should stop – then in October, November and December Poland will become “the land of ice” – said the politician.

Hołownia on fuel prices in Poland: they are experiencing the fastest growth in Europe

According to Hołownia, fuel prices in Poland are currently experiencing the fastest growth in Europe, and the situation requires “immediate and decisive” action by the government. The leader of Poland in 2050 pointed out that oil companies – including PKN Orlen – were recording record profits, incl. thanks to high margins. The Hołownia party calls for their abasement.

– Orlen and other companies record record profits, while Poles pay more and more for their products (…). If Obajtek (Daniel, president of PKN Orlen) reduced the margins to the pre-war level, the fuel would be 6.5 PLN today. For each supply, we pay 50 PLN “of non-productive value. It can’t be like that,” said Szymon Hołownia, judging that “the government is responsible for lowering these prices as soon as possible.”

Referring to the high prices of heating coal, which – if available – in fuel depots costs about three times more than at the producer, Hołownia recalled that Poland 2050 had submitted an application to the Office of competition and consumer protection.

It is high time for the government, UOKiK, to deal with this coal mafia, which somewhere in Poland (…) terribly cheats people for money – he said, calling for an end speculation on the coal market.

Poland by 2050 also proposes the establishment of a system of subsidies for people who heat their homes with coal, who – with current prices and the lack of availability of this raw material – cannot afford to warm up.

The left lodged an application with the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection regarding coal price speculation

– Today we need a clear government plan for subsidies for people who cannot afford to heat their homes, who may not already be able to afford hot water . It’s about subsidizing people, not coal – it’s about reaching those who really need help – said Poland 2050 leader. According to him, local governments should be involved in helping to those who need it.

As Hołownia said, now in Poland “we have German prices, Polish salaries and a monstrous price”.

– Today we are at a point where our safety is called into question when it comes to absolutely basic human needs – such as the need for mobility, the need for warmth. And all this is due to a clumsy policy of managing an obvious crisis in which all of Europe today finds itself – said the politician.

– Today we are not talking about whether we can afford one arrangement or another, but whether we can afford absolutely basic things: like warmth at home, the possibility of not even going on vacation ( …), but to go to work, with the child to the doctor, to school – he assessed.

Hołownia on energy transformation

According to him, rulers “take the basis of our life from us; they challenge the basis of our biological functioning.” Hołownia proposes to accelerate the energy transformation towards renewable energy sources, including through funds from the National Reconstruction Plan.

– We really can’t wait any longer. It is time to end our dependence on both Russian oil and Russian coal. Poland should be driven and dependent only on the Polish sun and the Polish wind. Today there is money and time for this – the last time to try to do this – summed up Szymon Hołownia in Katowice.

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