Poly Studio, Poly Sync and Poly Lens – gear for the modern workplace

Poly Studio, Poly Sync and Poly Lens – gear for the modern workplace

Poly unveiled its latest business solutions to meet the changing needs of today’s distributed workforce. Poly Studio R30, Poly Sync 10, and Poly Lens platform enhancements have been added to the Poly device portfolio. These solutions, combined with the advancement of Poly DirectorAI smart camera technology, help employees look and sound better.

The ability to provide a hassle-free and equal employee experience is critical not only to business success, but also to increased team member satisfaction and productivity.“said Beau Wilder, senior vice president and general manager of video collaboration at Poly.”Organizations have started signaling their intention to return to offices, but it’s not a good move to rely on solutions that worked before the pandemic. At Poly, we strive to invest in professional-grade tools that provide all employees with equal opportunity and experience, whether in the office, at home, or on the road.. “

Contemporary work equipment

Poly Studio professional-grade video conferencing devices offer hassle-free support for meeting rooms of all sizes, including Poly Studio Kits for Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows. This series of video conferencing solutions from Poly brings equality and ease of modernization to every meeting thanks to Poly DirectorAI technology, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide automatic, real-time transitions. The devices also feature group framing and speaker tracking, presenter mode and conversation mode, while NoiseBlockAI and Acoustic Fence technologies block out unwanted background noise.

The latest addition to the Poly Studio series is the Poly Studio R30 Smart USB Video Bar – it was designed for small conference rooms. This plug-and-play device features Poly DirectorAI technology, ensuring that all online meeting participants are clearly visible by accurately framing groups and speakers. Poly is expanding its Windows Microsoft Teams Rooms offering with a Small Room Kit. Poly Studio R30 works with a selected cloud video service provider and is certified by Microsoft and Zoom.

Poly Studio R30

The Poly Studio R30 video bar has:

  • 4K camera with a 120-degree field of view, so everyone in the meeting is clearly visible, even those seated closest to the camera
  • Poly DirectorAI smart camera technology that can perfectly frame every person in the room, a single speaker, and even follow the presenter in real time
  • Advanced audio with NoiseBlock AI and Acoustic Fence to block out unwanted background noise
  • The ability to remotely manage devices via WiFi, eliminating the need for additional software
  • Additionally, end users can customize their workspace settings

For larger meeting rooms, the Poly Studio E70 camera and Studio X70 video bar let you take advantage of the new Poly DirectorAI mode called People Framing. This feature allows you to zoom in on the camera image of each meeting participant in the room, which is displayed in gallery mode. People Framing will be available on Studio E70 and Studio X70 cameras from June 2022.

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Guaranteed flexibility in Microsoft Teams Rooms

In addition to the Poly Studio Small Room Kit for Microsoft Teams, Poly offers additional flexibility for the full line of Microsoft Teams Rooms on Windows:

  • USB extension cable and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) options for more flexible indoor deployments and seamless connections to user laptops for any video application
  • Camera control app so users can easily adjust the camera experience or change Poly DirectorAI modes

Professional equipment for hybrid workers

Poly Sync hands-free kits come with USB and Bluetooth® connectivity and smart microphones that follow the caller, not the noise. The Sync family of kits is sleek and smart. The products are designed to deliver high quality audio for work and entertainment.

Poly Sync 10, the latest member of the Sync family, is a plug-and-play USB speakerphone designed to enhance your home office comfort by turning any space into a personal conference room. It’s perfect for making calls and listening to music, and its dual-microphone monitoring system reduces background noise and ensures high-quality sound. Poly Sync 10 is certified by Microsoft and Zoom and works seamlessly with your chosen cloud conferencing platform.

Poly 10 Sync

Features of the Poly Sync 10 hands-free kit include:

  • Reliable enterprise-class hi-fi audio and amplifier for calls and music
  • Easily view connection status with the clear and bright status bar
  • USB-A cable with USB-C adapter included
  • IP64 dust and water resistance
  • Powered by Poly Lens

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Vital device information and management

poly lens provides a platform with the ability to control Poly portfolio devices, including the Studio R30 video bar and Sync 10 hands-free kit, to increase workspace and user convenience. The cloud-based solution provides essential management tools for delivering, monitoring, and troubleshooting Poly devices.

No matter where users work or what device they choose, the Poly Lens app gives them the ability to personalize their experience, stay up to date with the latest software, get helpful user tips, support, and more. Latest enhancements include the Mobile Lens app for Poly Bluetooth devices on the go. The Poly Lens app for mobile will be available soon.

Poly Lens and Poly Lens App features include:

  • Versatile voice, video and headset management for the IT manager and individual user
  • Customizing devices for desktop and mobile users
  • The “Find MyDevice” function for mobile users, thanks to which they minimize the probability of losing the device

To learn more about Poly’s work equality solutions for hybrid and office workers, visit poly.com/work-wherever.

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