Prime Gaming is paid. These are the best games Amazon has made available for the price of subscription

The Rise of the Tomb Raider

Remaining in the atmosphere of the hunt – both for animals and for humans – it is worth mentioning the second part of the new trilogy about the adventures of Lara Croft. The title appeared in the service a few months ago, but it was a very pleasant surprise. Especially considering how warmly this episode was received. I myself know many people for whom it is closest to cult sensations.


I can’t forget that Amazon also served us a Polish Ghostrunner a while ago! If by some miracle you missed the information on this title, I encourage you to check out my review – it’s still up to date, and the DLC released this year only increases the scale of joy and satisfaction that comes from The tearing. the next deadly and demanding levels.


However, this is not the end of Polish productions in this subscription. At one time, we were also treated to a strategy game in which we had to manage human material. And against whom are we fighting? Well – the right question would be “with what”, because it can feel like morality and penetrating coldness are the biggest enemies here. If by some miracle you didn’t play, catch up now. Worth your money.

Tales from Monkey Island Complete Pack

Do we have adventure game fans here? If so, you surely understand why this bundle of games had to be included in such a list. Iconic titles, brought together in one set, let you acquaint yourself with the stories of Monkey Island – a place that decades ago was a gamer’s paradise and a kind of utopian land that offered the opportunity to escape from everyday life.

Star Wars: Squadrons

Ah, Star Wars… How can we not mention that Amazon offered us a game from such an extraordinary universe? And not a weak one, because a nice “simulator” of the pilot of one of the fighters that we know very well in feature films or animated series. Although, of course, all this gives a better effect in VR glasses, you can have a lot of fun from the game without them.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Well, if that’s still too little Star Wars, it was probably even better to throw Fallen Order at us! For me, it’s the best game in the universe that has been created in recent years, and many of you probably have a similar opinion. I’m looking forward to the sequel in unimaginable ways and sincerely recommend checking out the first installment because you’ll quickly understand where the hype is coming from.

Madden NFL 22

There were also games for sports fans! Late last year we had a fundamentally great Football Manager 2021, but I personally think this year’s delivery of the latest version of American football games was an even better event. The game looks phenomenally realized, it provides us with enjoyable gameplay and even fans can enjoy the matches.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – GOTY Edition

The Elder Scrolls series is definitely at the forefront of fantasy RPGs. And although Skyrim has probably reached the climax in terms of the scale of the phenomenon, nothing can be taken away from its predecessor – Oblivion. At Prime Gaming, we got the most complete version (with all the DLCs, the separation of which was controversial at the time), so it’s impossible to get bored of it – even after a few months of play (I know that from my autopsy).

Control the Ultimate Edition

Probably my favorite as far as Amazon syndicated games go. A great adventure that got an extra boost with the Ultimate edition. It was definitely worth downloading it then and assigning it to your account, because it has a unique atmosphere, an extraordinary story and a truly enigmatic adventure. I guarantee it’s hard to find anything similar (and certainly outside of Remedy games).

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