The PlayStation moves back three steps with every step you take

The bitter cup overflowed, even for PlayStation fans. Sony has been taking three steps backward for every step forward for some time.

For a very long time, I was a pretty blind PlayStation fanboy who saw no wrong move from the Japanese giant. I’ve always defended Sony at all costs, sometimes not quite rightly – but there came a point where I got out of the online console wars (thankfully) and started using all the ecosystems, seeing also the great advantages of Nintendo and Microsoft equipment, realizing the Sony decisions are not quite right. Since the start of next-gen, the Japanese company has had a bad streak – and while I’m a happy owner of the PlayStation 5 that I’ve been chasing for a long time and am extremely happy with the hardware, these are things that are really upsetting me.

Discs or the confusion of the beginnings of the PS5

The SSD was a pure necessity in the next generation of consoles, however, only 825GB, although in fact the nearly 660GB usable space inside the PS5 was an incomprehensible decision. In the event that every major game like Horizon Forbidden West takes up nearly 100GB, and Call of Duty: Warzone exceeds 200GB, that’s incredibly little space. Fortunately, Sony has revealed that we will be able to expand the memory of our console by installing an additional disk inside…

Which hadn’t been on sale for a very long time, and when it was, it was at a rather prohibitive price. Waiting for almost a year for the possibility of increasing disk memory for such a price, even if we compare it to the competition, where the Xbox Series X offers around 200 GB more, Sony is… really pale. . However, this is only the beginning.

Game upgrades to next-gen…or lack thereof

Do you have a PS4 game and expect to be able to play it in next-gen quality by buying a PS5? Unfortunately, you’re wrong – although Sony initially allowed experimenting with the power of their new gear, they backed out of that idea a while ago. When it was announced that there was no free upgrade for Horizon Forbidden West, the internet exploded – then Sony “showed a good heart” by allowing a free upgrade, but noting that it was the last such case. And in fact – owners of Gran Turismo 7 in the PS4 version had to pay extra to be able to enjoy the improvements and possibilities of DualSense. In the case of a direct competitor, of course, such a problem does not exist, so such a game from Sony is simply irritating – especially since very often games for the eighth generation of consoles are attached to the sets consoles.

PlayStation Plus Premium, the answer to Game Pass, which has already toured several times before starting in Poland

PlayStation Plus Premium is the long-awaited answer to Game Pass. A huge catalog of games, the ability to play classic titles, streaming, exclusive trial versions of upcoming productions – just a fairy tale. Unfortunately, the service in Poland is still nearly a month away and the new PS+ has already made some solid turnarounds.

First: the announcement of the service in which there was information that streaming will only be available in countries where PS Now has been available so far – that is, not in Poland. In addition, the absence of a Polish price and, accordingly, the exaggeration of the already high price when converting the amount from euros to zlotys, and the absence of any serious position of the Polish branch and the receipt of a subscription separated to replace Premium and the lack of an outline of its price caused some really mixed feelings.

Shortly after, we got an announcement that streaming would be coming to more countries – including Poland. It was great news that again created hype in me and increased confidence in the whole project. PlayStation Plus Premium took off in early parts of Asia – and with that we learned that classic productions run in less polished PAL versions, which also have 50Hz refresh, not 60Hz, as in the case of the NTSC version. What is least understandable is that there have never been PAL games in Asia, which has caused a lot of consternation among gamers in that region. Additionally, anyone who purchased the existing PlayStation Plus subscription at a promotional price, deciding to upgrade to Extra or Premium, was forced to pay the saved difference sooner. This turned out to be a “random bug” that was fixed over time – after all, it shouldn’t be.

When the service launched in Japan, the classics ran in NTSC. You don’t know why? Me too. Also, if you want to stream games, you have to… wait in line because the servers are full. That’s what you pay for almost half a thousand zlotys a year.

June’s PS+ is another cheek on gamers

June’s latest PS+ lineup includes games like God of War, Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker, and Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl. The last two items are productions aimed at a specific audience, but the main star of this list is undoubtedly God of War. Exactly the God of War, which is part of the PlayStation Plus collection, the catalog of the new subscription and which has been the subject of thousands of promotions for less than 40 PLN. I can’t see any possibility that anyone hasn’t played the game yet – and even if by some miracle they did, there are plenty of other ways to achieve this exceptional title. It’s just another month to miss when it comes to subscription games.

Every good decision leads to three bad ones. Every positive step is associated with a disappointment. I can’t remember the last time a Japanese company did something good for gamers without causing controversy. Although PlayStation always has a special place in my heart and PS5 is the main gaming platform, I can’t stand Sony’s performance over the past few months. I really really hope that the situation will change soon.

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