Experts: Electric cars must have where to get power, and EU struggles to get that power – Polskie Radio 24

– The assumption of switching to electric cars according to the Fit for 55 program would mean the need to build 16.5 million charging stations in Europe. Today, we have 0.5 million, more concentrated in three EU countries (80%). But where to get the electricity for this recharge? I don’t know of anyone in the industry who would be able to reliably prove that this electricity can be produced – he said Mark Zuber.

He noted that today it is impossible to prove the advantage of electric cars over the most modern combustion cars. The only country where such a thesis would hold would be Norway, where 98 percent. electricity comes from hydroelectric plants, but there is also the question of the production of cars and batteries. Especially their elimination.

– So there are moral problems, because we know that, for example, in Africa, children work to obtain lithium. This information is publicly available – he added Mark Zuber.

Andrzej Kubisiak said he was skeptical of the rapid and massive transition to electric cars.

– In Fit for 55, the date shown and probably the biggest problem is with public transport, trucks and vans. And 1/6 of them are located in Poland. Here, the changes would take place in the next few years, which would translate into delivery costs – he said Andrzej Kubisiak.

The coal trade under government control?

Guests on the show also talked about the government’s idea that state treasury companies should resume trading coal, which would put an end to the price speculation we are currently facing.

– We must ensure that, given the announced embargo on Russian coal, there is no epidemic of energy poverty. Many countries will therefore take steps to help. It is necessary to limit as much as possible the speculation that can take place in such situations, for example with the use of UOKiK – he said Andrzej Kubisiak.

He was of a similar opinion Marek Zuber. According to him, we must help people who have heating problems at home, but energy companies are not made to sell coal.

– We have institutions created to deal with free market abuses, led by the Office for Competition and Consumer Protection, and this should remain the case. Also, welfare should be directed to those who are not making it, he argued. Mark Zuber.

Experts also pointed to the recent 75 basis point hike in interest rates, which they deemed appropriate.

According Mark Zuber there should be two more hikes and then we would have to wait a while for the effects.

According Andrzej Kubisiak a particularly interesting element of prof. Adam Glapiński, in the conference on the next rise in interest rates is that they will start falling at the end of 2023, although we do not yet know how inflation will behave in the near future.

The show was hosted by Anna Grabowska, we invite you to listen to it.

21:59 economist Marek Zuber and Andrzej Kubisiak of PIE comment on Fit for 55 and higher interest rates (“Governments of Money” Anna Grabowska PR24) economist Marek Zuber and Andrzej Kubisiak of PIE comment on Fit for 55 and higher interest rates (“Governments of Money” Anna Grabowska PR24)

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