NoCodeDays 2022 – the first Polish conference on Low-Code and No-Code is coming

NoCodeDays 2022 is the first national conference on the topic of Low-Code and No-Code. This unusual event will take place on October 12 in the virtual space. We absolutely invite anyone interested in LCNC solutions!

During NoCode Days 2022:

  • We will help you better understand and learn from the inside about Low-Code technologies
    and without code.
  • We will reveal to you which problems are solved by LCNC tools and what advantages
    and savings come from their use.
  • We will suggest how to safely implement Low-Code and No-Code solutions in your environment.
  • We’ll share tips with enthusiasts looking to grow
    in the LCNC industry.
  • We will offer a space for the exchange of experiences for pioneers and specialists eager for knowledge.

Are NoCode Days 2022 for you?

  • Yes, if you have a natural drive to constantly improve solutions and want to exchange experiences with like-minded people.
  • Yes, if you are interested in the tools of the future used by market leaders such as Carlsberg, IKEA, PEPSI or Toyota.
  • Yes, if you plan to deepen your knowledge of Low-Code and No-Code, and thus influence the quality and efficiency of your work or that of your collaborators.

NoCode Days 2022 is an event dedicated to LCNC specialists and enthusiasts at all levels of advancement. If you are familiar with the LCNC industry and are looking for a space to exchange experiences and improve your qualifications, you will certainly find yourself in our virtual community. If you do not work in the IT industry, but perceive Low-Code and No-Code solutions as a way to speed up monotonous activities and effective controls in your business, we guarantee that at our conference you will find answers to your questions or doubts. . The NoCode Days are also an ideal place for people who intend to change careers and start a new professional chapter in the LCNC industry. Our No-Code space will offer you an effective network and knowledge exchange at the highest level.

The virtual edition of NoCode Days consists of 3 themed tracks!

business path

The Business Path is dedicated to the wider business world. This is where specialists and managers will find the answer to the question of whether LCNC is a trustworthy technology. We will explain what problems are solved by Low-Code and No-Code tools and what benefits can be gained from them. We will tell you about their advantages and disadvantages. We will also show how the LCNC can generate savings.

The objective of the Business Path is the best possible understanding of LCNC solutions by interested participants. Experienced speakers will share tips on how to safely implement LCNC solutions, when to use them and when not to,
and they’ll tell you how to handle them to avoid common mistakes. We will also cover topics related to digital transformation
and security in the enterprise thanks to Low-Code and No-Code technologies. New Citizen Development news and lots of practical advice are waiting for you, ready to be implemented in your company.

Consultant journey

The Parcours Consultant is the ideal place for LCNC enthusiasts who want to share their knowledge and experience with others. Practitioners of Low-Code and No-Code tools will find here specialists with similar interests, who are also striving to improve their skills.

The goal of the consultant’s journey is the broadly understood exchange of knowledge and practices between people actively working in LCNC technologies. This thematic block is the most technical element of the NoCode Days 2022 conference and addresses, among other things, environmental management, non-standard connectors or good practices in the daily use of tools. Numerous case studies as well as concretely discussed challenges and solutions await you.

The way to change

You don’t work in IT but want to change it? You are in the right place ! The Path of Change during NoCode Days 2022 is dedicated to people from various industries who intend to start a career at LCNC. We will dispel your doubts about the sustainability of this industry. We will tell you how, in practice, Low-Code and No-Code tools can improve the efficiency and quality of work as well as improve processes, or agile inspections in the company.

The goal of the Path of Change is to create an educational space for anyone outside the IT industry who wants to learn more about LCNC. Get ready for interesting lectures where you will learn inspiring stories from multiple industries and learn more about how to deal with stress during such an important event in your life. We will also talk about the earning prospects offered by No-Code and Low-Code technologies. We’ll suggest what skills and knowledge are worth acquiring to effectively enter the LCNC industry and we’ll show behind the scenes of a consultant’s work.

What awaits you for NoCode Days 2022?

  • A huge dose of knowledge and practical discussions on the most interesting topics in the field of NCCL.
  • 3 thematic blocks (Business Path, Consultant and Changes) that capture the LCNC domains from different angles. Thanks to this, you can precisely adapt the subject to your individual needs.
  • Over 500 attendees, passionate about Low-Code and No-Code solutions – an incredible opportunity to make valuable contacts.
  • Virtual space for the exchange of knowledge and experiences, both for pioneers and newcomers to the industry.
  • Practical workshop of 8 hours the day after the conference.
  • A broad perspective, lots of case studies, the latest tools and lots of best practices – all of which is valuable development experience.

Join the Polish LCNC community i find us on October 12 online!

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