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Last week, after a 2-year break, the Salon de la Radio conference was held in Paris, the annual meeting of all French radio. People from technology, programming and advertising came along, as well as new players in this market – podcasters. In conversations, discussions and training sessions, the last two difficult years for the industry have often been mentioned.

In an interview granted to RMF FM, Philippe Chapot, the main organizer of the conference, underlined the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the activity of the Radio. I think the time of the pandemic checked the activity of the radio, the stations changed the way they broadcast, they had more contact with the listeners because people were at home, you had to talk to them more, react more, moreover, often the broadcasters also worked at home at home, so suddenly everything had to change, there had to be more creativity, more freshness in the broadcasts – he listed. Radio is still the most desirable medium in France and more and more because we realize how important audio has become. Audio has never been more important than it is today – added.

As for the state of radio in France, it is now good. Most of the national, regional and local stations since the beginning of this year have reached the revenue level of 2019, and it should be remembered that 2019 was a very good year for the radio industry. – says RMF FM Michel Colin, one of the best experts in radio advertising in France. The pandemic period has allowed the media to gain recognition. This may explain why RADIO coped so quickly after recovering from the pandemic. I think the main characteristic of RADIO at that time was its ability to adapt to the conditions – judges. You have to adapt. If you have problems, going through a crisis like the pandemic, you have two options – either hide in a hole and wait for the crisis to pass, or adapt, act and find a solution. Those who did emerged from the crisis unscathed – he adds.

The word “podcast” was the most repeated slogan at the Paris conference, and it was inflected in every case. Numerous sessions were dedicated to this new form of audio production, celebrity podcasters shared their experiences with attendees, and broadcasters themselves highlighted how podcasts have reinvigorated the station’s programming offering and enriched content. radio. A podcast is above all about diversity. You can find someone who specializes in – say – wine, real estate, marketing, whatever line of business, who will create relevant and interesting audio content because they are passionate about it. It’s of course fascinating if the questions are well posed, if you ask questions about interesting things, then a podcast is a great added value for anyone involved in audio production today, new resources, a good source of new voices that radio can attract to your business – says Philippe Chapot.

Monetizing digital audio services, whether it’s shows, broadcasts, podcast creation, podcast sponsorship, or podcast production for businesses, is now a very important source of revenue for the consultancy. Plus, social media apps, websites, all of that can be commercialized, not to mention new things that are coming, like Text-To-Speech or dynamic advertising. – adds Michel Colin.

Like every year, for many years, the Paris Radio Show is the best place to present the latest technologies for the production and broadcasting of programs, as well as for the distribution of radio signals. VHF (FM) broadcasting remains the main and basic broadcasting technology and there is no indication that rapidly developing Internet streaming technology, or DAB+ technology which has been slow for years, will soon change this. Broadcasters in France are of course aware that the future of radio will be digital. Even the current market regulator, the CSA (Conseil Supérieur d’Audiovisuel) has changed its name to ARCOM (Audiovisual and Digital Communication Regulatory Authority).

As Chapot points out – “DAB+ is developing slowly in France, but FM broadcast technology has also been developing for decades. But it is digital terrestrial technology that will be the ‘backbone’ of broadcast radio. free signal to all, anonymously and freely broadcast, which cannot be blocked, as in the case of the Internet, where access to the site can be easily blocked, disrupted, and where you have to pay a subscription to access content.”

This year, the Salon de la Radio de Paris was organized not only to meet, present the offers of technology companies, discuss the challenges of the radio, audio and podcasting sector, but – as Philippe says Chapot – “This is an opportunity for the radio to finally start talking about me with my own voice”. talks about the press, he talks about what’s on TV, what you can read, what you can watch, he talks all the time about other media, and hardly at all about himself . The radio is there to talk about you. That’s why we also called this event “Fête de la Radio” to show how much we care about it. – highlighted.

Next year, the next conference of the Salon de la Radio de Paris will be held on June 14 and 15, 2023. As announced by the organizers, it will be more international.

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