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What treasures are hidden in the homes of Polish politicians?

Recently, declarations of ownership of politicians are available on the Senate website. We decided to check what flavors are hidden in newly released materials and what interesting people are collecting. Turns out you can find some real gems!

Large collections of books. These senators have a weakness for literature

A huge collection of books to be proud of, including Włodzimierz Bernacki. Its library has no less than 9,000 copies! Interestingly, according to the senator’s ownership statements, the collection grew by a thousand new titles in one year. Large libraries worth more than 10,000 PLN also belongs to Jarosław Rusiecki and Krzysztof Kwiatkowski.

Grzegorz Bierecki – a millionaire with a toddler in the garage

Grzegorz Bierecki’s assets amount to more than 50 million PLN. The politician owns very valuable securities, owns huge shares in companies and huge savings in various currencies. A senator certainly doesn’t have to worry about money and can get the most out of life. Nevertheless, Bierecki’s garage is empty. For years, only one item appeared in the declarations of assets: the Fiat 126 p from the collection of 1998. Its market value is 15 thousand. zloty.

An unusual collection by Bogdan Borusewicz

Bogdan Borusewicz can boast of having one of the most unusual collections among his Senate colleagues. The collection appears for the first time in its declaration of ownership according to December 31, 2019. It is … a collection of coins with the effigy of John Paul II. It is not known what its exact value is, but it cost more than 10,000. zloty.

An interesting case of Marcin Bosacki – an art lover with an ease of discovery

Marcin Bosacki’s financial record is certainly one of the most surprising. His accumulated funds in the Polish currency are “minus 2,460.24 (overdraft on the account)”, as well as the IKE of the senator and his wife – 102,246 zlotys. As you can see, this year has certainly not been the easiest. When it comes to unique collections, Bosacki has much to be proud of. For years he owned two paintings by Edward Dwurnik – “Poznań” and “Warsaw”. Both are worth around $50,000. zloty.

A weakness for Jack Bury’s trinkets

Jacek Bury is another senator-millionaire. Like Bierecki, the politician doesn’t pay much attention to cars. In his statement, he entered only one car – the 2003 Mini Cooper. However, attention is drawn to the very expensive watches that Bury can boast of. These are Omega and Breitling. It seems that the politician has a thing for trinkets, as in both cases he chose the golden version.

Robert Dowhan – a collector of flesh and blood

It is impossible to resist the impression that Robert Dowhan loves luxury – a comfortable car, expensive watches or alcohol are just part of his extensive collection. Examination of the senator’s declaration of ownership definitely takes a lot of time – two A4 pages of the appendix are attached to the ordinary documents!

Robert Dowhan has, among other things, 8 luxury watches. In total, they cost 365,000, while the most expensive “specimen” is worth up to 80,000. It turns out that the politician is a big fan of Ulysse Nadrin, and it is this company’s watches that dominate his collection.

The senator definitely does not save on the quality of his life and greedily focuses on luxury. The equipment in his apartment alone is worth about 600 thousand. PLN, and the collection of expensive liquors waiting for guests – another 100 thousand.

There are plenty of indications that the politician also has a thing for having fun, and that will provide him with some adrenaline. Where do these conclusions come from? The senator owns a quad for 25 thousand. PLN and a jet ski for 120,000.

Dowhan, on the other hand, knows how to relax. After all, there’s nothing like relaxing in your own jacuzzi worth 50,000. zloty.

Responsible investment by Beata Małecka-Libera

While others spend their money on fun and luxury, Beata Małecka-Libera is very responsible when it comes to her savings. Turns out the politician has some investment gold. It is worth quite a good sum, up to 98,090 PLN.

Aleksander Pociej bets on timeless chic

It’s hard to find a more sophisticated collection than that of Aleksander Pociej. The politician focused on timeless elegance and valued good craftsmanship. Thanks to this, today she can boast of having a set of furniture from the 19th century, worth 40 thousand. zloty. The collection is certainly breathtaking!

Barbara and Bogdan Zdrojewscy – an art-sensitive couple

Based on the property statements of senators, Barbara and Bogdan Zdrojewscy easily earn the title of the greatest art lovers. Although the couple can’t boast of having a huge collection, the works they own are worth noting. It turns out that the couple has a work by Zbigniew Karpiński worth 28,000 in their home, as well as two paintings by Józef Hałas (30,000 PLN).

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