Why Sony Killed DriveClub? I would like to know too

Before the idea of ​​creating a racing game based on club gameplay (which in practice was used in moderation), Evolution Studio decided to surprise all racing fans at the beginning of the 7th generation of consoles. Motorstorm not only fantastically combined the functionality of a simulator and an arcade game, but also raised the level of difficulty. Years later, I’ve read many entries documenting that the AI ​​developed in the game simply “tricks” the player, always being one step ahead. This relationship was also the bane of DriveClub (2014, PlayStation 4). DriveClub was something of a blood diamond. We’re not talking about mobbing inside structures, as Sony has been very patient in this particular case. Along the way, the title had a few premiere date postponements, was seriously ill online, and was backed by gamers right after its fall 2014 premiere.

The PlayStation 4 has already started to take off in earnest, so the appearance of such a beautiful racing game, in addition to being exclusive, had to be a serious competitor to Forza Motosport. Did it happen? Fans on both sides can argue endlessly, but we all know Forza lives on and DriveClub is just beginning to become a relic of the past. At the moment, the product is not available even on the PlayStation Store, so interested parties should browse the auctions. It’s a shame because the game still sounds, looks and moves fantastically. Considering the time that has passed, this is a timeless achievement. If only someone else at Sony had the idea to upgrade production to the next-gen standard, we’d have a visual diamond. As a reminder, the first edition of the game encountered problems on the servers. Players couldn’t enjoy riding together until Evolution fixed the issues. Another downside was residual content. It was only after two years that the title received powerful packages of numerous additions, including a separate version for the motorcycle.

Sony also added DriveClub VR, when the historic virtual reality glasses were actively promoted in the PlayStation brand pedigree. DriveClub can be blamed for insufficient preparation for the premiere, but the production had entertainment potential. The driving model has done and continues to do an amazing job. The creators’ hybrid approach proved to be the key to success. Often, in the category of racing games, experts clearly indicate the direction towards an arcade or a simulator. The latter has always been called Gran Turismo, although perhaps more so due to the presence of automotive issues and the entire licensed library. There was nothing like it in DriveClub, at least not in such large quantities. The driving model itself proved to be the happy medium between competition simulation and carefree maneuvering between rivals. At the same time, the realism has been polished, because I can’t remember a second racing game that was so demanding.

End of driving

driving club

DriveClub featured on February 2, 2013. The game has been promoted successively since then. The reception from the press and the players was very positive due to the atypical setting. Suffice it to say, the model cars always shine with detail. Just enter photo mode and play around with close-range shots. You’ll even notice raindrops running unevenly over the body of the car – the DriveClub was a technical work of art in the rain. After Sony closed the studio logo door in March 2016, its employees found a new home at Codemasters. Their Onrush game was a lot like the old MotoStorm.

DriveClub was created on very friendly terms, which was mentioned by the former team members themselves. The end of the cooperation with Sony was similar. No scandal or unnecessary inconvenience, at least both parties claimed. Despite the disintegration of Evolution, DriveClub won the sympathy of hundreds of thousands of gamers, which was confirmed by the widespread outrage over the permanent shutdown of game servers. DriveClub will probably never come back into favor, it will remain a solitary miracle. A marvel of technique, fusion of simulator and arcade. What level of driver have you reached during the life of the brand and will you drive again? Even alone, because the game servers are unfortunately no longer active.

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