Buda: We will never reach retirement age

Buda: We will never reach retirement age
/ Ministry of Development and Technology

Productive working time is not retirement age. We will never touch the retirement age – Waldemar Buda, the Minister of Development and Technology, said on Monday when asked about raising the retirement age as a condition for the KPO. Such a postulate does not exist, he stressed.

Asked on Monday’s program on Radio Zet about one of the KPO conditions – raising the retirement age, Buda said: “There is no such demand.”

As he says, “increasing the effective retirement age means creating opportunities and incentives to work after reaching retirement age“.

“For example, we plan to exempt from contributions or taxes people (…) who wish to continue working after reaching retirement age“- said the deputy head of the MRiT.

He added that the government wants people who are able to work, “who still have a job, who are satisfied, who are authorized to do so by family situation, to be able to work”.

As he noted, effective working time is not retirement age, but working time. “We will never touch the retirement age,” he assured.

When asked about KPO milestones, Buda pointed out, “There are well over 100 milestones.” They are stipulated in the form of milestones and indicators. “The indicators relate to investments and milestones of reform,” he said.

In the KPO, that is, a document describing the method of spending funds from the Reconstruction Fund, which is to support the economy after the pandemic, our country requests 23.9 billion euros in subsidies and 11 .5 billion euros loan. The European Commission stipulates that the payment of the money will only take place after Poland has completed the so-called milestones negotiated with Brussels.

Maląg: We have restored the retirement age so as not to extend it

When we talk about KPO funds, the opposition starts to say that we want to push back the retirement age. Nothing could be more wrong. We have restored the retirement age so as not to extend it – announced on Monday the Minister of Family and Social Policy, Marlena Maląg.

The head of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy took part in the opening of the 2nd Provincial Conference of Silesian Seniors and the Silesian Silver Seniors’ Fair, which are held in Bielsko-Biała.

“We have reinstated the retirement age. 60 for women, 65 for men. Today, when we talk about KPO funds, the opposition starts saying that we want to extend the retirement age . age not to extend it, because credibility is the currency of our governments. This is what we will do. We introduce solutions that help us decide if we feel up to it and want to continue working where we want retire” – said Minister Maląg.

As she added, the government is implementing various solutions that benefit seniors, including in the tax system. It’s a question of 30 thousand. tax-free amount and introduction of tax-free pensions up to 2.5 thousand PLN zloty. “From July, the situation will change, because the tax threshold will drop from 17% to 12%. The situation for pensioners will be even more favorable,” she explained.

The Minister underlined that when it comes to tax policy, it is also important to introduce the PIT-0 for people “who feel able to continue working, share their experience and still benefit from it”.

“We have introduced such solutions. No tax is paid up to 120,000 PLN” – she said.

Marlena Maląg also pointed out that the subject of senior policy is very important for the government.

“We have almost 10 million older people. It’s a growing group that should be given appropriate support,” she said. She indicated that the government wanted the situation of seniors to rest on two solid pillars. The first is financial. It is reinforced by performances or dignified restoration. The second is related to the stimulation of the activity of the elderly.

The minister stressed that the current times are difficult. “After the coronavirus pandemic, that is, when we saved all the jobs, there is now a war in Ukraine. So the inflation-related situation and the geopolitical situation require appropriate support, which applies not only to families with young children, but also to the elderly, because the income of this group is lower The solutions introduced in the anti-inflationary shield support the elderly, therefore the 14th retirement pension is introduced for help in this difficult time “- she said.

As she recalled The 14th pension will be paid for the second time. It will be August 25.

Minister Marlena Maląg underlined that it is extremely important to support the activation of older people. “When we are active, we feel needed and we have energy to live, we are simply healthier” – she stressed. The head of the ministry recalled that among the programs activating seniors there is, among others, “Senior plus”.

“When we entered the government, there were less than 100 retirement homes and clubs. Today there are more than 1,000. More will be created” – she said. She also talked about the “Active Plus” program, which is aimed at non-governmental organizations offering various proposals aimed at activating the elderly.

“100 million PLN of support, every year, for the implementation of these programs” – she added. According to the president of Bielsko-Biała, Jarosław Klimaszewski, senior policy is extremely important.

“People over 60 are a very important social group that has its specific achievements and problems. At this conference and these fairs, we tell seniors that we want to take care of them and be active” – ​​a he declared.

During the fair, until June 15, in the Bielsko hall near Dębowiec, more than 60 exhibitors from all over Poland present their offers. Older people can get tested in Health City. Advice is provided by medical specialists from 13 hospitals in Silesia. Confirmed artists will also perform.

Seniors over 60 can go to the fair free of charge by bus lines 7 and 8. The fair is accompanied by the scientific conference “The senior consumer influencing the development of the economy”.

The conference and the fair are organized for the second time. The previous edition took place before the pandemic in Gliwice. About 4,000 people took part. people.

authors: Magdalena Jarco, Marek Szafrański

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