DPS of the Presentation Sisters in Jordanów. The nuns had to mistreat disabled children. Charges, inspections, declarations

Two people heard the prosecutor’s charges regarding the abuse of disabled children in the Jordanów nursing home. She is the caretaker and director of a center run by nuns. Investigators were notified by the mother of one of the charges. Parents of abused children and DPS employees have also reported to the media.

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An article describing cases of abuse of local residents Old people’s home in Jordanów Wirtualna Polska published on Monday they were believed to have committed the practice nuns of the Congregation of the Virgin of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (sisters of gift) facility and employee management.

Tied to beds, locked in a cage, hitting with a mop – these are just some of the punishments inflicted on children with disabilities, which we have heard about on the website. Information about the abuse of charges in Jordanów was revealed to the portal by DPS employees and parents of the children after one of the nuns was supposed to beat a 13-year-old girl.

Babysitter and her boss plead not guilty

Investigation of this case Sucha Beskidzka district prosecutor’s office has already filed a complaint the tutor described in the text, Albert’s sister and his superior, Director of DPS, Sister Bronisława.

The guardian heard three counts. Among other things, the mistreatment of people with mental and physical disabilities and attacks on their physical integrity. Spokesman for the Krakow prosecutor’s office Krzysztof Dratwa informed that the director of the investigation office had accused the proceedings of obstructing the proceedings.

Due to the nature of the charges and functions performed, the prosecutor applied a preventive measure in the form of police surveillance with the undertaking not to approach the injured parties as well as the prohibition of entry to the DPS in Jordanów.

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The two DPS employees pleaded not guilty and provided detailed explanations. The suspect is threatened with a year in prison.

Inspections at DPS in Jordanów and nationwide

She also referenced those reports on Monday Minister of Family and Social Policy, Marlena Maląg.

The inspection of the Jordanów facility began at the beginning of June – before the problem was made public – it began The Social Policy Department of the Małopolska Voivodeship Office in Krakow. The voivode’s press office informed that the inspection took place in several ways. Issues related to the standard of employment, the quality of services, as well as, among others, the use of direct coercion. Part of this inspection includes unannounced site visits, analysis of materials and interviewing witnesses.

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“As the audit activity is unannounced, for the sake of the audit, we will not provide details until it is complete. The on-site inspection – unannounced – is taking place today. today, for example, and the premiere took place on June 3,” the voivode’s office reported.

As the office continues to inform, additional psychological help has been directed to the facility. In accordance with the voivode’s order, the inspection carried out from the beginning of June will be extended to cover the widest possible perimeter. Similar control activities will also be carried out in other institutions of this type. Inspections will be unscheduled and will also be carried out at night and on non-working days.

“We want to explain the question well and draw the consequences. From the moment we received the signal from the guardianship court, the case was given special priority. We will do our best to explain all threads in detail. Institutions such as retirement homes must meet certain standards. There is no agreement that these standards – in the most egregious terms – the rights of the accused have been violated, and their basic needs – including the particular: the need for security – have not were satisfied ”- we read in the press office of the voivode.

The Ombudsman responds

It also took up the matter ex officio Mediatorwho called the authorities of the Małopolskie Voivodeship to clarify the matter.

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As the Spokesperson’s Office informed on Monday, the situation in Jordanów has aroused the interest and concern of the Commissioner for Human Rights.

“Given the seriousness of the accusations related to the operation of the facility, indicating a threat to the well-being of the accusations and the reprehensible cases of violation of the rights and dignity of children, the Office of the Advocate of the man asks the Office of the Małopolskie Voivodeship to take monitoring and control measures, with special emphasis on the state of compliance with the rights of the charges of the facility and to provide information on the arrangements made. ” – reported the office.

Superior General of the Order: We cannot tolerate anything that goes against our mission

A statement on this was issued by Mother Anna Telus, Superior General of the Congregation. She stressed that she was “deeply shocked by the accusations concerning the retirement home for mentally handicapped children in Jordanów” and assured him that she wanted to “clarify this matter as soon as possible, fairly and fully”.

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“As Superior General of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Presentationwhich is the governing body of the DPS, I declare that I am ready to cooperate with the State Justice and other competent institutions to establish the facts and find out the truth “- she noted.

She informed that “currently at the DPS in Jordan, there is a visit from the voivodship office, examining the grounds for the allegations”.

She said that “the sisters who have been charged comply with all the decisions of the prosecution and are outside the DPS center”. She announced that her subsequent decisions – as Superior General – “will depend on the results of the ongoing procedures”.

“The charism of our congregation is to educate children and young people and to take care of the weakest and most defenseless, so we cannot tolerate anything that is contrary to our mission” – assured the superior general of the congregation in a communicated.

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