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The editor of “Wprost” once again honored the most eminent representatives of the business world, local authorities, eminent personalities of the regions, as well as representatives of science, medicine and social activists. This time we focused on the Mazovia region. The winners received unique statuettes with the symbol of the Polish state emblem – the image of the white eagle – which hung on the seat of the President and Government of the Second Polish Republic from 1945 to 43 Eaton Place in London, the so -called “Castle”.

Eagles of Wprost, i.e. the best in Mazovia

The publisher of “Wprost” periodically presents Eagles. We select and distinguish the most outstanding companies and units in each province. The gala, which took place on June 13 at the Warsaw Stock Exchange, was an opportunity to bring together the crème de la crème of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship.

Representative of the local government of the Region

The gala began with the presentation of the award for the best local government official in the region. “She is committed by vocation. Doctor of economics specializing in public finance and lecturer who has combined scientific work and participation in the life of the local community for more than 20 years. He also has experience in central politics. – we heard in the laudation pronounced in honor of the first laureate. The Eagle Wprost statuette in the category Local government of the Mazovia region was awarded to Ewa Markowska-Bzducha, head of the commune of Wolanów.

– I am honored and a little stunned to find myself in such a group with my small municipality of Wolanów – said the winner.


Another statuette went to the representative of the best company in Mazovia. Our winner is the largest organization associating organic producers and processors in Poland. It connects processors, producers, farmers and other entities who share the idea of ​​organic farming, a healthy lifestyle and Polish culinary traditions, and organizes educational and activating activities for youth.

The Eagle Wprost for the entrepreneur belongs to the Polish Association of Processors and Producers of Ecological Products “Polish Ecology”


The Wprost Eagle was also awarded in the Personality category. In times of trouble on our eastern border, reliable information is worth its weight in gold. Our laureate has known this for a long time. Since 2007, it has been transmitting news from a country whose official message does not always correspond to reality. Our winner has been the director of Belsat TV since 2007. He ensures that Belarusians, but also residents of other countries, receive reliable information about Belarus. He cares about promoting Aboriginal culture and language.

The personality Wprost eagle was awarded to Agnieszka Romaszewska-Guzy, director of TV Biełsat.

– Whatever we do, whether we are journalists, businessmen, teachers, we all live in the same environment, and whether or not there is war in the east of us, it affects us all. Until recently, we thought the story was over and nothing else would happen. For 15 years, out of a group of 20 people, Belsat TV has become one of the largest broadcasting media in the East. The team has grown to almost 300 people – said Agnieszka Romaszewska-Guzy.

There are institutions that everyone knows about, even though they apparently have no influence on their daily lives. Our next winner is in charge of one of them. Thanks to him, it has been transformed into a pluralist cultural institution, open to diverse worldviews, sensitivities and aesthetics. Its task is to prove that, based on the culture of the country, it is possible to coexist various environments without discrimination of sex, age and beliefs.

The winner of the Orły Wprost award in the Personality category is Radosław Śmigulski, director of the Polish Film Institute.

– The Polish film industry is thriving today, but there is still a lot of work ahead of us. We need to create a cinematography that will combine passion and cinema at the highest world level – wrote Radosław Śmigulski in a letter to the public.

local food producer

Bees don’t have it easy on Earth. They are grappling with a mysterious and not fully studied phenomenon called the mass extinction of bees. They are caused not only by climate change and disease, but also by the misuse of pesticides in agriculture. This is why the role of beekeepers is so important. They ensure that the bees can, in comfortable and healthy conditions, produce honey, which then goes to us.

The winner of the award in the Local Food Producer category was the Sadowski family apiaries.

– We are proud to be at least sometimes next to giants like Orlen, KGHM or PGE. As two city dwellers, we have established the largest beekeeping farm in Poland over the past four years. The competition was fierce, but it worked, said Arkadiusz Sadowski, chairman of the board and Jakub Wilgosiewicz, vice chairman of the board.

Leader in promoting a healthy lifestyle

Another Wprost Eagle statuette was awarded to the leader in promoting a healthy lifestyle among children and adolescents. The company manages the business responsibly, builds its value in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and taking into account social needs. It supports the development of Polish sport, is a sponsor of tennis player Iga Świątek. As a leader in promoting a healthy and active lifestyle among children and adolescents, he is the creator of the PZU Good Team prevention program.

The Eagle winner in this category was PZU SA

– I am very happy that we are talking today not only about figures, but also about issues that affect us on a daily basis. For me, it is very important that the children move. The remedy for this is sport, as the example of our ambassador – the world’s first racket – Iga Świątek – shows beautifully. said Małgorzata Sadurska, member of the board of directors.

Leader in green transformation

Leader in green transformation, meaning a company that sets an example of how to change to be greener. Wind, water, sun – it is on the basis of these sources that a revolution is taking place, which has a significant impact on the lives of millions of Poles – claims the company, which is our next winner. There are already more than one million prosumers in Poland and the installed capacity of photovoltaic modules is around 7 GW. Thanks to the huge investment in Mysłowice, it will soon be an additional 100 MW.

The Eagle in the Green Transformation Leader category was awarded to Tauron SA

– We are the leader in green transformation and our ambition is to remain so. Our plan is to triple the volume of SER – Wojciech Nastula, Vice President of Tauron provided new technologies.

Leader in promoting a healthy lifestyle

Everyone lives as they wish. Full-time job or your own business, children, responsibilities, long and short trips. We know how to take care of ourselves and build relationships, but – as research shows – we don’t believe our actions have a driving force. The company – the winner knows and understands this, which is why – as a market leader – it has led the campaign “You have an impact on your life”. Its objective was to interest society in what is most important for everyone, in the protection of life and health, and above all, to raise awareness that everyone can have an impact on the duration and quality of their life.

The Eagle in the category Leader in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle was awarded to PZU Życie SA

business visionary

The winner of another statuette deals with the overall delivery of developer projects in the field of programming and creation of investments, marketing and sales as well as after-sales service. Thanks to modern solutions and an individual approach, the company has made numerous investments throughout Poland.

The Eagle in the Business Vision category was awarded to Kup i Mieszkaj Sp. zoo

Innovations in the building

For 18 years, they have specialized in energy-efficient and ecological construction. It’s not just a company, but a unique person. Together they create something unique – building the future.

The eagle in the category Innovations in construction went to the company Domikon Sp. zoo

Innovations in medicine

The whole world is looking for a solution that will allow people on medication to give a chance to save their organs through an application method that does not damage the stomach or liver. Could some of us, someone from Poland, make such a discovery that will revolutionize pharmacology?

Orzeł Wprost in the category Innovations in medicine went to the company Skotan SA

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