The repair crew can spoil your blood. What should you pay attention to when choosing a company to build and finish your house?

Building a house is beyond your manual abilities? You don’t want to build an economic system? You can entrust a complete job to a specialized team. See how to choose a company for the construction and finishing of the installation. What should you consider when making such a decision? Watch out for traps along the way.

How to choose a construction company?

How do you choose a construction company that will build and finish your home? The base is a qualified team of professionalswho can advise you on the choice of construction technology and installation.

The easiest way is to choose a construction company whose services have already been used by your friends – only if they were satisfied, of course. The opinions of loved ones are usually accurate and true, so you can trust them. If you don’t have anyone who has recently built a house with a construction company, take advantage of community groups where people familiar with the subject comment.

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How much does a construction company cost to build a house?

The main factor determining the selection of a specific construction company and its involvement in the construction of a single-family home is usually the price that it will present in the cost estimate of the planned work. However, try to make sure that the price charged by the company for the construction of the house was not the only criterion of choice. The lowest possible price does not necessarily mean that the process will be handled fairly.

To estimate whether the company’s quote is advantageous or not, find out how much it can cost on average to build a house by professionals. It goes from 2,500 to 3,500 PLN net for 1 m2assuming finite state implementation. Labor alone is, on average, up to 1/5 of the amount you spend on the entire investment.

You will save if the construction company you sign the contract with, can offer you attractive discounts on materials.

Price isn’t everything

In addition to the prices for the services of the construction team, when choosing a specific contractor, take into account his experience. Find out about previous investments and, if possible, ask for their addresses. Go to the houses built by a given company and ask the owners what they think about cooperation with given professionals. The opinion of other customers is very important if we want to choose such builders who will build your installation in accordance with the art of construction.

Specialization in a construction technique

When building a house, experienced professionals are the best, but keep this in mind business operating profile. Perhaps the company you have chosen actually has an excellent reputation in building frame houses, but will not have enough experience in building brick houses.

What to pay attention to when choosing a construction team?

Don’t rely solely on online opinions of construction companies. Try to establish private contact with clients who have used the services of a given contractor. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of fake reviews on the web. Often it is only an advertisement, so it does not necessarily correspond to reality.

Finding a construction company simply by comparing the prices of services is not the best solution. The cheapest team may not go out of their way to ensure the house is built to design.

Sign a contract with selected contractorsin which they will meet categorically all information about the scope of the work ordered. It will serve as the basis for carrying out the work according to the plan. It will protect you against sudden price increases. The inventory of fixtures with the work schedule is an integral part of the contract.

It is also worth determining the approximate date of completion of the construction of the house and any contractual penalties for the untimely and unreliable execution of the work, if, for example, due to the delay of the contractor, the construction does not proceed as quickly as it should.

What to do when a construction company does not respect the contract?

The contract does not guarantee that the construction company will fulfill all the obligations contracted. It happens that, despite his conclusion, the performer cheats, shoots with delays or simply does not appear in the square. So what?

Both parties are bound by the terms of the contract. If the construction company does not comply with them, you can assert your rights yourself. First out of court, but ultimately you have to take the matter to court and demand payment of contractual penalties and appropriate compensation.

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