5 reasons why I turned to connected watches

Have a good day. My name is Jackub. I am 29 years old and I own a connected watch. And I won’t give them to anyone because I think they’re cool. I used to think of wearables as a whim, now I understand their meaning and I’m not surprised that it’s one of the branches of the tech market that is doing well (and even improving).

There are several reasons why I am ultimately sold on watches/bracelets that measure something, show something, and sometimes even save my struggling skin. I will also mention it, because it is one of the most interesting reasons why I wear a watch every day – not only the one that I still have the opportunity to test – that is to say the Amazfita GTR3 Pro.

Reason 1: because… I was wearing the blindfold

Oh, he convinced himself of the smartwatch because he was wearing a bracelet? Come on, moron. A bit like that, but a bit not. Bracelets have small screens, which determines certain compromises. You have to accept the fact that you can see a little less on the small screen and you either have to strain to see something or scroll down the notification. I don’t have to on a smartwatch: I can see more, and on that web I’m better able to gauge whether that particular notification needs more attention from me.

Also, bracelets (especially the cheaper ones) usually have fewer options than watches. Unfortunately, this is a specificity of the market: bracelets are offered at lower prices, so it is less profitable for manufacturers to create solutions that are particularly full of possibilities. But there are also exceptions in this area.

Reason 2: Because notifications

And this is directly due to the fact that I have a lot of these notifications every day. Three Slack workspaces, tons of Twitter chats, three messaging apps, and tons of things to do. This generates a wealth of information for me to consume. And it’s not because I suffer from FOMO – my job is just to move data around: whether in my head or in my task organization frameworks. I have to answer lots of emails, talk to specific people, and remember meetings. I’m not bored, but I must have adequate help in this matter.

If I had to pull out my phone every time and check for a new notification, I’d probably go crazy. I prefer to see the notification on my watch and then make a decision: take out the phone or not? In the meeting, it’s so much better that without distracting from the discussion, I can look at the gadget in my hand. And I know everything too – discreetly and comfortably.

Before, we were close…

Reason 3: because it’s healthy

The last hits of health made it clear to me: I am not indestructible. That’s actually the next time I find out, but despite the fact that a person learns all their life… they still die stupidly. I mostly die in the fumes of emphatic stupidity. The doctors tell me one thing, I do the second and I get a third. Recently, my watch began to alert me to cases of desaturation of more than 10 minutes. Curious about this fact, I went to the doctor (in fact, I already felt bad at that time) and … it turned out that I had an exacerbation of asthma.

Health functions, although in contracts for the use of technology they work in “du * okrytki” (sorry for this term, but I like it) consisting in excluding the responsibility of the producer for incorrect indications, for example pulse, saturation and others – they are useful. Even if they cannot replace a real test, they can easily be a guide for the user. This is what happened in my case and… voila! I am breathing normally again.

Reason 4: because it is an activity

Damn, when I started to use bracelets and watches more actively – it turned out that I started running with myself. Will I go that mile faster? Will I go 5 kilometers faster? Will I be able to walk 10,000 steps again? Gamification is an element of many technologies and this is also the case with wearables. It is all the more useful because it simply has a very positive effect on our health. Movement and physical activity are a good remedy for many ailments – of course, as long as they are dosed as needed. Because everything can be overdosed. Water too. (but don’t try!)

The interfaces associated with various wearable devices encourage people to maintain adequate physical activity. And that’s cool and really necessary. Thanks to this, I started to move more, harder and… I feel that I feel better with it.

It was a stupid idea. That’s why I’m posting this photo here.

Reason 5: Fashion

I’m not an esthete, I don’t go to the garage, no one in their right mind would call me a metrosexual guy. I’m such a jovial standard, no chad. But I like having something nice on my wrist – will it be an Apple Watch or will it be the Amazfit GTR3 Pro (which I think is nicer than the Apple Watch I have too) – the people pay attention to it. Let’s be honest, technology is also ruled by fashion and I wrote a text on this subject, which was very important in my opinion.

Technologies are starting to be ruled by fashion

Me – being a very example of “anti-aesthetic”, I also like to have something nice. And if it is still functional and has certain advantages, so much the better! This is the case of smartwatches (with smartbands already less, because they are “ugly” in my opinion), they can be quite consistent with the rest of your outfit. I know people who change the color of a smartwatch strap depending on the shirt/dress they are wearing. I know the colors quite moderately (I literally distinguish three of them), so I don’t understand at all. But I have nothing to do with it.

And you? What determines whether you use smartwatches or smartbands? Let me know in the comments!

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