Alternatives to Xiaomi electric scooters – a review of interesting models

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The following Xiaomi scooters are most commonly found in online stores:

  • Xiaomi Mi Essential – check out the offer
  • Xiaomi Mi 3 2022 – check out the offer
  • Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 2022 – check out the offer
  • Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 Mercedes – AMG Petronas F1 Team Edition – check out the offer
  • Xiaomi Xiaomi Mi 1S – check out the offer

However, the market for electric scooters is so rich that it should not be limited to Xiaomi alone. You can find many interesting models that in certain situations will be better suited to users’ needs. Even if you have already added xiaomi to your cart, be sure to check out the alternative suggestions below. In the overview you will find information about:

  • Segway KickScooter E45D – check out the offer
  • RAZOR EcoSmart SUP – check out the offer
  • Kugoo Kirin S4 – check the offer
  • Jeep 2xe Urban Camou – check out the offer
  • Aprilia ESR1 – check the offer
  • Motus Scooty 8.5 Pro – check out the offer

Segway E45D scooter

Segway specializes in electromobility, and the result of their work is an excellent KickScooter E45D electric scooter. They offer several different models. The E45D has a 300 W motor, accelerates to 20 km / h (by law, all new scooters must have such a speed lock), and on a single charge it can travel up to 45 km. The range values ​​are always given in ideal conditions, without wind, on a perfect surface and not too loaded. In practice, it must be taken into account that one will travel a shorter distance, especially in winter. Every Segway vehicle is a worthy contender for Xiaomi because they look great, are well made, and have great parameters.


Anyone who has ever driven an electric scooter at least once knows that the tires are one of the key elements. Scooters with tubeless tires are less comfortable (although their undoubted advantage is durability). Also, the smaller the wheels, the more unevenness you may feel. Razor decided to create a scooter that not only has inflatable tires, but also extremely large wheels, up to 16 inches! Driving comfort is incomparably superior. It is the perfect choice for people who intend to drive on unpaved roads. Unfortunately, we have a lower range here than the competition (19 km). The motor has a power of 350 W.

Kugoo Kirin S4

The Kirin S4 attracts attention mainly with its large parameters. Many xiaomi users replace 8.5 inch wheels with 10 inch wheels, buy extra battery or unlock max power, and here we have pretty much everything as standard. The Kirin S4 has a 350 W motor, accelerates to 35 km/h, and a 10 Ah battery can travel up to 40 km. The scooter has a rear disc brake and E-ABS and full lighting. It is also equipped with an LED touch screen that allows easy selection of three speed modes.

Jeep 2xe Urban Camo

If someone is a fan of motorization, he can choose one of the scooters signed by the car brand. Here we have the Jeep scooter, which looks great and the looks alone encourage more aggressive off-road riding. It will certainly do better there than the xiaomi, as it has 10-inch wheels with a wide tread and rear and front shock absorbers as standard. In addition, it has a 500 W motor, a speed of up to 20 km/h, and the battery allows you to travel up to 45 km. The battery charges in about 5 hours, which is not bad compared to the competition.

Aprilia ESR1

The Aprilia ESR1 scooter also looks great, its appearance of course referring to motorcycles (Aprilia is an Italian brand owned by Piaggio, the fourth largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world). It is equipped with a 350 W motor, 10 inch wheels and a battery that offers a range of up to 25 km. Interestingly, the battery can be easily removed from the platform and charged at home or in the office. The scooter has a 3.5 inch color LCD display with the most important information about the trip. The Aprilia ESR1 is fitted with highly puncture resistant tubeless tyres.

Motus Scooty 8.5 Pro

An alternative to Xiaomi vehicles are also Motus scooters. The above model, as the name suggests, has 8.5 inch wheels, a 500W motor, can run at a speed of up to 40 km/h, and its range is up to 50 km thanks to the use of an 18.2 Ah battery. . The Scooty Pro also benefits from effective brakes: disc at the front and drum at the rear. The manufacturer has also taken care of correct lighting: double at the front, two at the rear, including pulsed braking, and colored chassis lighting. There were also shock absorbers

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