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The Żorski civic budget is a great opportunity for residents to realize their idea of ​​what needs to be changed in our city. Up to 2.2 million PLN is available and applications can be submitted until June 30!

Any resident of Żory can submit an application for the civic budget of ŻBO 2023 (ŻBO 2023) (residence counts, not registration) within the deadline until June 30, 2022 Only city-wide projects, that is to say those intended for the general public. The estimated value of the submitted project must be at least PLN 100,000, and at the same time it cannot exceed the amount allocated to ŻBO 2023, i.e. PLN 2,200,000. Residents can submit both soft and investment projects, keeping in mind that the latter must be located on city-owned real estate. Ownership of individual plots can be easily checked at by selecting: maps > EGIB ownership > start map.

Any resident can apply a projectand applications are accepted as follows:
1) by letter to the following address: Żory Town Hall, Aleja Wojska Polskiego 25, 44-240 Żory, with an annotation on the envelope “Żorski Budżet Obywatelski” or “ŻBO”
2) directly at the seat of the Żory Town Hall at Rynek 9 or Aleja Wojska Polskiego 25,
3) electronically at, with the project form submitted electronically it must contain everything the required attachments, in the form of scans or photos of the original documents,
4) in the case of persons whose type of disability or state of health makes it impossible to submit the application – through the mobile officer, after prior telephone contact with the Żory Town Hall.

Submitting a project is mandatory approval list at least 50 inhabitants of Żory. The model form to be submitted in paper form and the model pick-up list are available at the Żory town hall during its opening hours. You can also download them below.

In the Żory civic budget, you can both submit projects for implementation and vote later in electronic form, using the “E-Żory” platform, available at To do this, you must first create an account on the platform. To do this, go to the website and click Register. Then we enter our personal data, our e-mail address and give the necessary consent to create an account. It is important to remember to check the “I am a resident“And by activating the possibility of creating a profile also in the e-Consultation module. After clicking on “register”, we will receive an e-mail with a link to activate the account. After its activation and validation of the data by Żory Town Hall, the platform can be used.

To submit an online investment proposal under the Żorski Civic Budget 2022 procedure, you must:
1) connect to the EBOI
2) at the top of the page, click on “e-Consultation”
3) log in again – this time to the e-Consultation module
4) at the top of the page, click on “Submit an initiative” – ​​selecting the type “Draft budget”
5) describe and send the proposed initiative with the necessary attachments.
6) click “Send”.

When submitting the project via the Internet as attachments, add all the necessary files to the paper application, i.e. the application form, the list of supporters and, in the case of minors, also the consent of the legal guardian.

How to write a good application?

When submitting the application, please describe the proposed proposal as precisely as possible (title, description of what would be created, location) and provide as precisely as possible estimate – created on the basis of business surveys, costs of similar projects in Żory or other cities, etc. It should not be stated that the investment should be made by purchasing a specific brand of equipment or by a specific contractor. It is also worth recalling the distribution of costs between those relating to investment activities and “soft” activities.

In addition, the applicant must provide estimated operating costs of the notified investment for 5 consecutive years. The cost estimate should include all costs, i.e. the need to complete the project, obtain permits, service and maintenance costs of the proposed project.

If you have any questions regarding the technical feasibility or the preparation of a quote, please contact our employees The Investment Department (to or by phone number 32 43 48 275 and 32 43 48 276) and Municipal Infrastructure Department of Żory Town Hall (at the address or phone number 32 43 48 272 Where 32 43 48 290).

You can also add maps, sketches, photos or other attachments to the application which will help in the best presentation of the idea. The contact details of the declaring person must also be provided. If you have any problems filling out the application, you can contact the employees Promotion, Culture and Sports Department of Żory City Hall by e-mail to or by telephone to 32 43 48 176.

We will keep you informed of the dates and details of the subsequent stages, among others on the city’s website., on Facebook profile The town of Zoryin the BIP and on the notice boards of the Hôtel de Ville.

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