Current game news. What’s going on in this world of gamers?

Online gambling is becoming more and more popular and has acquired a whole new dimension. They become interesting even for those who until recently were indifferent to this game format. However, it is worth realizing that behind the prospect of such rapid development there is a huge amount of work from developers of the whole world. So what’s going on in the gaming world today? Let’s find out more!

Playtech has partnered with online casino Vulkan

The main developer, Playtech, presented its new products to the licensed European online casino – Vulkan Bet.

The partnership between the two parties is probably aimed at creating a unique game production. So we can safely say that an exclusive collection of games will soon appear on the gaming platform!

Moreover, it was revealed that Playtech will continue to work on new games for Vulkan with the option – Live Casino. Poker, along with hundreds of other games, takes it to the next level. Professional dealers, live players and stunning 4k graphics are the new hits of recent years!

It should be known that Playtech is one of the main leaders among game developers for gaming platforms. Therefore, the summer premiere and cooperation with a European licensed online casino is only the beginning of a great career . The company has repeatedly reported on its progress in the field of virtual reality. And this unique technology can change the perception of online gambling and completely devalue land-based casinos! When can you expect the next release of VR games for Vulkan or other platforms? This information remains a mystery, but according to many experts, the probable premiere awaits the second quarter of 2023!

EGT Interactive has confirmed its participation in the Future Gaming Expo

The EGT Interactive team has officially confirmed its participation in the show – Future Gaming Expo! The event will take place from late May to June 23 in Serbia. It should be noted that the provider’s portfolio is regularly supplemented with exciting new games, the main focus of which is on future achievements in the VR format.

It is also known that Kasyno Vulkan intends to start cooperation on the implementation of such VR slots on its platform. Preliminary release dates are still unknown.

Macao’s public security threatened?!

“Problems arising from the operation and development of the gaming industry can have a negative impact on public life and social stability” Security Minister Wong Sio Chak told a meeting in Macao.

The COVID-19 pandemic, which began in early 2020, shut down the Minister regarding comments on the impact of the gambling industry on public safety. Showing that gambling crime statistics are ‘not representative and comparable’ due to the negative impact of the pandemic. The official said local authorities were ready to consider a change in the gambling law. The minister also added that illegal gambling activities continue to negatively impact public safety in the city.

Authorities say the unemployment rate caused by the COVID-19 pandemic continues to rise and the total number of reported crimes has not decreased during the period. Therefore, the police concluded that the rising unemployment rate had a significant impact on public safety in the city.

As a reminder, in the spring of last year the government proposed a revised version of the Gambling Amendment Act which would allow third-party operators to continue to operate in their local jurisdiction.

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