Huawei tries with a new smartwatch and… a lower price to start!

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Huawei Watch FIT 2 – a smartwatch, whose task is to keep up with active people who appreciate quick access to notifications and basic health settings, has entered Poland. For a limited time, you can buy it for less – see details below!

Promotion chases promotion

Recently, Huawei spoiled us with various promotions. During the premiere of almost every device, a pre-sale offer appears, the task of which is to persuade customers to buy even more new products. It is no different on the occasion of the Polish premiere of Huawei Watch FIT 2, the successor to the equipment that I bought myself some time ago.

On the occasion of the review of the first generation Huawei Watch FIT, I mentioned that – when I bought the Huawei AH100 smart bathroom scale – I came across a promotion, thanks to which, when I decided to buy the Watch FIT bracelet, the weight was free. I didn’t need a bracelet or a watch at the time, so (after testing on a tablet) I gave my sister, who…is a happy Watch FIT user to this day .

Who knows, maybe he will look favorably on the second generation of the device. The premiere offer can help with this.

Presale offer for Huawei Watch FIT 2

Huawei Watch FIT 2 is available in Poland in three versions: Active with a rubber strap, Classic with a leather strap and Elegant with a strap. This means, no less than that, that virtually everyone should find the model they like the most – personally, I’m leaning towards the more universal version of Active (especially since – without confusion – I recently back to running!).

For the duration of the first offer, the price of the bracelets was reduced by 100 or 150 PLN. As a result, we will have to pay for Huawei novelties:

As it is easy to see, people who decide to buy the Huawei Watch FIT 2 Elegant will benefit from the greatest savings. However, remember to make your purchases before June 26 – because the presale offer is valid until that day.

Huawei Watch Fit 2 Active (Source: Huawei)

Alright, but what exactly do these new Huawei smartwatches offer?

What is extremely important to me is the screen size – compared to the first generation, the display of the Huawei Watch FIT 2 has increased from 1.64″ to 1.74″. The difference is small, but it should have a positive impact on the comfort of using the device – more content will fit on a larger screen area. The resolution is also important, which – from 456 × 280 – has increased to 480 × 336 pixels.

What has changed is above all the addition of a speaker and a microphone, which allow the smartwatch to be used as a Bluetooth headset (you do not have to reach for the phone to make a call). You might think it’s a useless gadget, and the truth is that once you get used to it, it’s hard to live without it later – especially when doing activities like cooking, carrying purchases, running, etc.

The smartwatch interface has also changed, making it more intuitive for the user. Equally important from the point of view of the possibility of personalizing the device, we have more than 200 discs at our disposal, among which everyone will find something for themselves.

The battery is supposed to last 7-10 working days, depending on the intensity of use. The sales set includes a charger that supports fast charging, the use of which for 5 minutes is to ensure the operation of the smartwatch for the next 24 hours. It sounds really good.

What else? Well, there’s a lot – activity tracking with the ability to track up to 97 sports disciplines, running customizable workout plans for yourself, and finally a personal trainer with exercise animations displayed on the watch screen. It was also not without sleep monitoring with the Huawei TruSeen 5.0+ or ​​monitoring of indicators such as heart rate, blood oxygenation, stress or even the menstrual cycle.

Successful evolution

Huawei Watch FIT 2 looks to my eyes like an improved version of the first generation. It is clear that many aspects have been improved – such as the size and resolution of the screen, the possibility of making phone calls directly from the wrist (of course when connected to the phone via Bluetooth) or the improved activity and health monitoring functions.

This also affected the price of the smartwatch, which is much higher. Fortunately, however, in presale you can get it cheaper – for example in Media Expert.

The entry was created in cooperation with Huawei Polska and Media Expert

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