Krzysztof Wołodzko: The Third Republic of the liberal elite, i.e. the Committee for the Defense of Privileges

The conflict between the PiS and the liberal opposition is not just a political dispute. It is becoming increasingly clear that this is a conflict between the old and the new elite, accustomed to treating the Third Republic of Poland as their own farm, with much of society, which is denied the right to even minimal kindness from the state.

The opposition’s fear of Tusk

It’s true: Law and Justice is a major adversary for opposition groups. But in fact, Donald Tusk wants to take that away from him…

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We live in the news, so stories like the out-of-order COVID-19 vaccination by liberal celebrities are quickly forgotten. This matter only came out because a few people, led by Krystyna Janda, decided to brag about an undeserved privilege to the world. We live off information, so we don’t remember all the insults that a large part of Polish society has heard against the liberal elite.

The mockery of the corrupt mob and commoners by people who have lived for decades amid open and hidden privilege in recent years has become part of the propaganda struggle against law and justice. At the same time, they showed, as never before in the time of the Third Polish Republic, what the “enlightened Europeans of the Vistula” think of their compatriots and compatriots – less wealthy and privileged residents of cities large and small.

The last case, namely the adventures with the tax office of Piotr Kraśka, was also described by the leftist “Krytyka Polityczna”. It is significant that she targeted all those “defenders of democracy and the rule of law” who are defending the popular journalist against the so-called campaign. Opposition supporters should really think about this carefully: Generally sympathetic to the left wing of the Civic Platform, “Krytyka Polityczna” must have good reason to strongly criticize Kraśka.

Hating the PiS is not an idea for Poland

Regarding the scale of the socio-economic challenges, the last years in Poland can only be compared to the beginning of the 1990s. Then the governments collapsed a lot…

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The left understands better than the liberals under the sign of the Committee for the Defense of Democracy and similar initiatives that a large part of society feels perfectly how this question is an image problem for the liberal option of left. Many people remembered again that the platformers and their more or less powerful supporters do not fight for democracy at all. They fight for the return of totally unearned privileges for “themselves”.

For those who felt pushed to the margins after 2015 – although this is often a very subjective feeling, which was very well illustrated even by the famous story with COVID vaccinations out of order Liberal VIPs. The informal state is still very sympathetic to liberal elites – they still co-create it, although they like to shout so loudly that everything was taken from them in the PiS era. But this is not true. And they are well aware of this. Behind the backs of their naive followers, less privileged than themselves, they laugh about it willingly.

The history of the Third Polish Republic is not unequivocal. He can be condemned in czambuł, as some left and right radicals do. But only in comparison with the previous era, that is, the People’s Republic of Poland, was it a leap forward in civilization. The problem is that for decades the political and media mainstream has been quick to dissolve in admiration for the splendors of the Polish Third Republic, contrasting with the realities of the Polish People’s Republic. Its shortcomings are less talked about, which affects more the less fortunate and those who are not lucky enough to be born into departmental families.

Bad Joy by Donald Tusk

No one has done more than liberals to shore up the support of millions of Polish women and Poles for law and justice. Today it is clearly visible again.

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The old-new elite of the Third Polish Republic built its position in the early 1990s. To complicate the description of the situation: some of these people cannot deprive themselves of talent or diligence. But they had something else on their side; something that was not given to millions of ordinary Polish women: they had parents, relatives, high-ranking friends. They had excellent networks and know-how. With a single call, a multitude of doors opened for them, which closed definitively to mere mortals.

It worked at almost every level and very quickly created a new hierarchy of influence and dependencies, inheriting privileges, contracts, beneficial relationships. Sometimes it was perfectly legal, even if it was based on the unspoken assumption: “an offer for themselves”; sometimes it has taken such bizarre forms as the aforementioned Piotr Kraśka tax case.

The same liberal elites who agreed, far beyond the eyes of the general public, on what was owed and to whom in the Third Polish Republic, had extremely free market theory and practice for the general public. They themselves used the net of influence – they explained to others that everything was decided by the invisible hand of the market. They themselves took high fees – they told others that the starvation rates were okay, to go to work.

Wołodzko: liberal opposition, or action – disinformation

How to sum up the many years of activity of the liberal opposition? This is a disinformation campaign, based on continuous attempts to persuade Poles…

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Not to mention the hysteria the 500 Plus program has generated among the privileged liberal elite. Vistula liberals always eagerly referred to the West – but they have forgotten that the family and social policies there are much more generous towards the people. More than it is treated within the framework of a democratic consensus.

Someone will exclaim: the PiS is not without fault either, the PiS politicians are also part of the privileged political class. The essential difference is that the ruling party today broke the rules of the game in the Polish Third Republic. She offered more people. Incidentally, unwittingly, the sharp division in the media has shown much better than before the true face of liberal elites: arrogant, self-centered, taking their own privileges for granted, and often treating with contempt the less well-off, the small towns and countryside. Poland. And apparently not much has changed in this regard in recent years.

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