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Some companies have returned to fixed work or the hybrid model, which means a return to meetings held in conference rooms. What equipment is worth choosing to make hybrid meetings run smoothly?

Google, Apple if You’re here are selected technological giants who, after more than two years of remote work introduces the hybrid working model. The return of employees to the offices requires a new reorganization of the workspace. Currently, in many industries, no one can imagine working only from the officewhich creates meeting organization problems. Currently business meetings most often take place in a hybrid formulathis allows optimize costsand reduces the need for business travel.

The conference room in most companies is a room of strategic importance Source: Benjamin Child / Unsplash

In most companies, the conference room is a room of strategic importance

Source: Benjamin Child / Unsplash

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations around the world to invest heavily in equipment and tools for remote working. Returning to hybrid work also requires good preparation.

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The current form of work makes meetings are held in conference rooms, but most often it is also necessary to connect remotely with selected employees using video conferencing tools. This form of cooperation in large companies was also popular before the pandemic. Currently, it affects almost all companies, regardless of their size and sector of activity. So how do you properly prepare a conference room to improve video conferencing quality and reduce technical issues resulting from device incompatibilities and infrastructure deficiencies?

Due to the dispersion of employees, interpersonal contacts are still limited, which makes it difficult to cooperate between services that most often work from the office on different days and customers who are not used to face-to-face meetings with their partners. commercial.

The above reasons make it conference rooms are currently strategically important offices for the overwhelming majority of modern organizations.

When equipping a conference room, you need to take care of the smallest details Source: Benjamin Child on Unsplash

When equipping a conference room, you need to take care of the smallest details

Source: Benjamin Child on Unsplash

What equipment is worth investing in for the conference room to increase employee productivity? Here are some universal tips to help you avoid compatibility issues and reduce the time it takes to prepare for your meeting.

1. Modular table with power supply and access to popular connectors

A modern conference room should be equipped with a specially designed table with integrated wiring. On the surface of the countertop they should be located lockers with access to electricity and popular connectors. I’m talking about sockets hdmi allowing connection to Audio / Video equipment, USB port for charging a mobile phone and RJ-45 connector that allows you to quickly connect to our organization’s wired network.

Conference table with adequate power supply and ports Source: Adrien Olichon / Unsplash

Conference table with adequate power supply and ports

Source: Adrien Olichon / Unsplash

2. Adapters are a sign of today’s times

Long gone are the days when laptops were equipped with all the necessary connectors. In the era of miniaturization and connector unification, the base port of most ultraportable computers is USB Type-C with Thunderbolt 3/4 or USB Type-C supporting the DisplayPort standard. Most managers and directors currently own computers without built-in HDMI or RJ-45 connectors. For this reason Each conference room must be equipped with a port replicator. This one of the cheapest equipmentand this accessory avoids the necessary stress.

Port replicator source: hp.com

Port Replicator

Source: hp.com

The conference room must be equipped with USB Type C to HDMI adapter, USB Type A and optional RJ-45 connector. Such an adapter will also allow you to connect tablets and cell phones to audio/video equipment.

3. Dedicated high-speed Wi-Fi network

It is worth making sure that our conference room has access to a dedicated subnet with its own access point located inside. The network must be configured so that the access point located in the conference room also serves the guest network. Thanks to this solution, they are significantly larger corporate network security.

Fast network access is a prerequisite for responding Source: amazon.pl

Fast access to the network is a prerequisite to be respected

Source: amazon.pl

An Access Point dedicated to the conference room will allow the correct configuration of the Audio/Video equipment. Selected solutions allow it to automatically detect the presence of professional laptops in the conference room and offer to send the image to the screen or to connect to the hands-free kit. These solutions are provided by the largest companies that manufacture teleconferencing equipment. Thanks to this option, employees do not have to manually connect to the accessories – they just need to know the name of the conference room, which they will choose from the list of available rooms in a video call tool such than MS Teams, Cisco Webex or Zoomer.

The conference room network must offer high bandwidth of at least 100 Mbps / 25 Mbps (upload/upload) for use Transmission of images in 4K resolution with his HD Voice.

4. Appropriate and certified audio/video equipment

Organizations mostly rely on a single online collaboration tool. The vast majority of them are Microsoft Teams. We also often come across Zoom and Cisco Webex. When choosing Audio / Video equipment for the conference room, care should be taken to choose a model that is certified with a given video conferencing platform. The solution is guarantees full compatibility and best connection quality available. In addition certified devices do not require additional drivers and are available to all users without pre-configuration. Simply select them from the list of available accessories. Manufacturers most often offer identical equipment in several versions adapted to popular platforms.

In large conference rooms (more than 6 local participants) it is worth investing in additional microphones on the video conferencing tableto ensure the appropriate sound quality and the same audibility of each participant in the meeting.

5. Adequate display

A modern conference room must also have a suitable screen. Depending on the size and location of the conference room in the office, you may choose to big tv Where projector. Each of the solutions has its advantages and disadvantages.

The TV is a universal screen for the conference room Source: Jonas Leupe / Unsplash

The TV is a universal screen for the conference room

Source: Jonas Leupe / Unsplash

A TV is a more universal choice. We get a brighter image, which will work well in conference rooms with access to the sunny world. In addition, the TV is equipped with speakers, which can often be used to reproduce sound and reduce expenditure on audio / video equipment. Television is also a cheaper solution. The biggest downside to using a TV is its size. For the conference room, it is better to choose 55 or 65 inch models, which will be hung on the wall near the conference table.

The projector is more expensive to purchase and requires a darker conference room. However, it has one big advantage – allows you to display an image larger than 100 inches. The projector is best suited for conference rooms used for presentations. Keep in mind that configuration with the projector requires an external sound system.

Summary – details matter

Even the small details matter when designing a conference room. You can create a high-end conference room with state-of-the-art Audio/Video equipment, which will be useless because there is no compatibility between Audio/Video equipment, terminals and video conferencing software.

It is worth carefully analyzing the needs and choosing the equipment with certification for the most used video conferencing platform. This choice will reduce configuration and compatibility issues. You also need to remember not only the hardware itself. You need a suitable table, soundproofing, lighting and sufficiently comfortable chairs that allow you to comfortably participate in meetings.

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