Gameset explored the potential of metaverse marketing in Poland

More than 16 million Poles have participated or would like to participate in the Metaverse, and almost half of the Metaverse participants expect their favorite brands to be there. These are the results of the first Polish study on the potential of virtual worlds conducted by IQS in cooperation with Gameset.

Gameset’s strategic entry into metaverse marketing

The results of the first Polish research on the potential of virtual worlds show that more than 16 million Poles between the ages of 10 and 55 have participated or would like to participate in the metaverse. The study was carried out by IQS in collaboration with the Gameset agency, which thus announces a strategic entry into the field of metaverse marketing. An agency specializing in games marketing, recently won the first prize (gold) of the prestigious MIXX Awards Europe 2022 competition for the first employer branding campaign in Europe based on the metaverse phenomenon. However, the project done for the Erbud Group was not Gameset’s first virtual world campaign.

Previously, the agency had entered, among others, the metaverse of brands such as Philips or Milka, and these activities were carried out in several European markets, including Poland, France and Romania. Currently, Gameset will develop metaverse marketing services alongside games.

We have been observing the development of global trends based on virtual worlds for a long time. However, there are still few implementations that would fully utilize the marketing potential of this phenomenon. That’s why we decided both to explore the potential of virtual worlds in Poland and to invest there strategically. It’s a natural evolution for us and an area complementary to gaming in which we specialize. Already a few years ago, we set up campaigns that today could be classified as a metaverse in the broadest sense – explains Piotr Bombol, founder and chief strategy officer of Gameset and member of the board of directors of the LTTM group .

In addition to the search and new offering for Gameset clients, the agency also underwent a rebranding in line with the new strategy.

I can already announce that a rebranding, a new offer or research conducted by us in collaboration with IQS is not the end of our activities. We want to build a metaverse marketing market in Europe, educate customers, influencers and introduce new brands to virtual reality. We already have our first successes in this area, but even greater ambitions – adds Bombol.

Poles want to meet in Metaversia

Research by IQS and Gameset shows that up to 83% of respondents who play online games don’t just use them to gamble. This shows how potential virtual worlds (called “metavers”) can have, in which gaming is not the only activity of the participants.

The most attractive aspects in the evaluation of metaverse participants are mainly:

  • the opportunity to meet friends (83%),
  • meeting new people (81%),
  • create new things in the game (81%),
  • watch what you want (79%),
  • use in-game things created by other players (78%) and be whoever you want (78%).

Metaverse Marketing Potential

The research results also confirm the marketing potential of metaverses in Poland:

one in three Poles say that the presence of brands in the metaversa would be perceived positively by them (41% say that “it depends”);

almost half (47%) of metaverse participants say they have discovered new brands of products or services from the offline world in virtual worlds;

4 in 10 Metaverse participants say they are more likely to buy products offline from a brand that also offers them in the virtual world.

The research results also show that the metaverse has the potential as a platform for direct purchases. 4/10 metaverse participants say they would like to be able to not only buy virtual items from their favorite brands to use in metaverses, but also buy real products in the virtual world that they could use offline.

The categories of products and services that would most likely be purchased by metaverse participants and used in the offline world are:

  • clothing (65%),
  • music (63%),
  • shoes (61%),
  • and even cars (57%).

Additionally, nearly half of metaverse participants (43%) directly expect their favorite brands to be present in virtual worlds. This means that metaverse marketing has great potential – both globally and in Poland – to become a new channel to reach many businesses, a natural point of contact with consumers and a highly engaging platform for marketing communications.

The purchasing potential of the metaverse will systematically increase with the spread of the phenomenon and the stronger entry into the consumer market of people from the two youngest age groups. In the metaverse, we would buy shoes, clothes, cosmetics and various types of tickets, but – as research shows – there is a large group of people willing to buy and then use in the offline world, from art, financial services or insurance. Yes, “the metaverse is coming”. It seems that in a short time we will have to find another form and another channel to reach the consumer, and since the subject is still new, we encourage you to research this type of phenomena and base your business decisions on concrete data, even when you want to intuitively follow the hottest buzzwords and trends that fire the imagination – says Marta Rybicka, Chief Commercial Officer and Member of the Board of the research company IQS.

The survey was conducted by IQS in May 2022 using the CAWI interview method on the IQS – online panel on a representative group of Poles aged 10-55, N=700.

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