If you’re looking for the best value for money, don’t look for this year’s premieres

Which phone is the most profitable? Well, you can’t go wrong, this year’s smartphone prices don’t spoil you. Therefore, when looking for a phone, it may be worth looking for a model that, despite its premiere last year, can compete with this year’s competitors on an equal footing.

Each of us looks for slightly different things in a smartphone. Some people look at the processor of the phone and judge by it whether it is worth being interested in a given unit. For others, what matters is the design and the quality of the materials from which the smartphone is made. Still others look for deep customization options in the system overlay, great photo options or even – long battery life or fast charging. There is nothing to cheat, however, that today smartphones above a certain price range have all these aspects at a really decent level, so the fight is focused on the details, or – on the profitability. Overall value for money is crucial in certain market segments because none of us like paying too much.

There is nothing to cheat that due to the pressure of new products, technology portals are focusing the most on devices that have just entered the market. Meanwhile, consumer choice isn’t limited to this year’s wallet. After all, the sale of devices does not end for a moment after their introduction to the market, and we can also choose smartphones that premiered some time ago. After a while in the market, their price has come down, so in terms of profitability, they are often one of the best choices. Today we will review one of those phones, which has encouraged consumers with profitability already at the time of its premiere, which after a few months has improved even more.

Why is the Redmi Note 10 Pro worth looking into?

The Note 10 Pro is a smartphone launched in March 2021. Many reviewers then admitted that they could not imagine how to offer such good quality for such a low price. At the same time, when its successor arrived, which also offered many interesting functions, some people pointed out that its task in the market would be very difficult, due to the quality of its predecessor. And no wonder, because a glance at the specification is enough to see that today, after more than a year on the market, the components of smartphones have not aged one iota and that today Today they can still compete with other devices, and on the new bottom shelf the price is knocked down by most rivals.

First of all, it is worth seeing that the phone debuted in the market with a phenomenal display. It’s a 120Hz AMOLED panel that supports HDR 10 and has a maximum brightness level of, mind you, 1200 nits. This, in turn, makes everything we do on such a smartphone look great. Especially since there is a lot to look at, because the display diagonal is 6.67 inches. It is undeniable that it is still difficult to get better image quality on a mobile device.

The processor has absolutely not aged. The Snapdragon 732G is an overclocked version of the 730, which makes it ideal for everyday tasks as well as things as demanding as gaming. The processor was installed practically only on Xiaomi devices, and given their popularity in our country, many people will certainly confirm that their smartphones with these processors still work so quickly and efficiently that to distinguish them from the designs of this year in this regard. which will force SoCs to operate at the limit of their capabilities. The performance of the smartphone is further enhanced by the fact that it is equipped with 6 or 8 GB of RAM, which guarantees that we will have enough space in the operating memory for years.

The cameras are also impressive. Remember how unimaginable 108 Mpix sensors were even in flagships. Well, a year ago Xiaomi decided that such technology could not be reserved only for very expensive phones and decided to include such a module in Redmi Note 10 Pro. Now that this phone is cheaper, it brings flagship photo quality to an even lower price. A phenomenal main matrix, the rest of the cameras are also very decent. We have an 8 Mpix and 5 Mpix wide-angle module for macro photos. I have to give Xiaomi a lot of credit for the latter, as the manufacturer was one of the first to break the tradition of adding a 2MP macro camera to cheaper phones, the photos of which simply couldn’t be used for anything. it would be. There’s also a 2Mpix eye here, but it’s used for what it’s supposed to do – detect depth in portrait shots.

Finally – you can’t forget the battery and charging. Yes, this is the area where the most progress has been made recently. New Xiaomi smartphones can charge up to 120W. However, this does not mean that 33W charging in Note 10 Pro is slow. Thanks to him, our smartphone will be full of energy in less than an hour, which is a very good result with a battery with a capacity of more than 5000 mAh.

Moreover, for people who are looking for a durable and resistant smartphone, Redmi Note 10 Pro will also be on the way. All because the front and back are equipped with Gorilla Glass 5 which is highly resistant to scratches and drops, which also makes the device feel like you are holding a high-end high-end phone. in your hand. The very appearance of the smartphone, minimalist and aesthetic, also adds charm to it, but as you know – in this matter, of course, the taste of the buyer matters.

However, the question of taste is not the price of the smartphone. I would like to remind you that we are not talking about a copy for 2000 PLN, but about a smartphone, which today costs around 1200 PLN, and if we get a good promotion, I think it is possible to bring this price down to 1,000 PLN. And all this for a phone that can beat a lot of its features on par with smartphones almost twice as expensive as each other. As you can see, a year after the premiere, the phone’s arsenal of perks is still very strong, and the way we use devices over the past 12 months hasn’t changed so drastically (and in fact – has not changed at all) that any function of this phone would not be up to today’s standards. Well, for people who don’t replace their smartphone every year (most of us), the switch to the Redmi Note 10 Pro will probably be the first contact with, for example, a 120 Hz or 108 Mpix AMOLED camera.

So if you are looking for a new smartphone, it may be worth looking at not only the premieres of this year.

The hardware was created in cooperation with Xiaomi.

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